New type of therapy for depression

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An easier and cheaper way of therapy is now available for patients with depression

An easier and cheaper way of therapy is now available for patients with depression. This new type of therapy derives from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is the main standard at the moment. However, CBT is an expensive alternative and not many are qualified to do it.

Recent research has come up with a less expensive way of therapy, which is called behavioral activation. It supposedly is as effective a CBT in patients with depression.

Professor David Richards from the University of Exeter UK led the study. He issued a press release about the findings. The study revealed that CBT, although good, is not accessible and cheap enough to be available to everyone. So a more viable method, called behavioral activation, is recommended.

Beavioral activation works by making a connection between people’s state of mind and their behaviour. It helps patients by providing activities which bring about good experiences, so depression ceases or is greatly reduced. This type of treatment lets people deal with hard situations, by finding alternatives to change their behavior.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, on the other hand, is a treatment that starts within. It is based on how people think. Therapists who work with CBT let people identify and change the thoughts and beliefs that ignite them.

The study was conducted with 440 adults with depression, split into two groups. One group would do cognitive-behavioral therapy, the other would practice behavioral activation.

After a year of treatment, both groups had matching results: two thirds of both groups had witnessed a decrease in half of their depression symptoms.

However, the price for behavioral activation was twenty percent lower than the delivering of cognitive-behavioral therapy. This significant diference happens because cognitive behavioral therapy is more difficult and requires highly skilled people , whereas behavioral activation can be taught and put into practice with less training, by almost any health professional.

The price difference is important for people with lower incomes.It is also an improvement, to be taken into consideration by lower income countries. The new type of therapy for depression is just as effective as the standard one, apparently.

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