Nigel Farage Steps Back in Charge of the UKIP

Nigel Farage Steps Back in Charge of the UKIP

Diane James has stepped down from the leadership of the UKIP. After just 18 days holding the job, she presented her resignation. Diane James wrote a statement that was printed in the Times newspaper. She said that she did not have “sufficient authority” in the UKIP. Also, she mentioned that she felt she did not have the full support of party colleagues. She ended her statement by saying that she will not stand for election “for personal and professional reasons”. That left room for Nigel Farage to step back into the political limelight.

Diane James Steps Down

Nigel Farage spoke to the media and said that he is going to be the interim leader of the UKIP. Diane James had replaced Nigel Farage at the helm of the UKIP, after the party leader stepped down. But it looks like no more than 18 days in the job were enough for James to want to resign.

The UKIP is going to hold an election to find a successor for Diane James. Until then, Nigel Farage is going to be the leader of the party once again.

Farage joked with the media saying that he keeps trying to escape. But that before he’s free, they (the UKIP) drag him back.

Nigel Farage had resigned on September 16. After a successful Brexit campaign, he chose to stand down. Diane James replaced him but it looks like she was unable to consolidate her position within the party. Saying that she did not have enough authority in the party, she announced that she will not be “formalizing” her nomination. Both Nigel Farage and Diane James are members of the European Parliament for the UKIP. After stepping down, Diane James said that she will focus on her activity as MEP.

The Many Problems of the UKIP

In her short time as leader of the UKIP, Diane James had not appointed a deputy. So, initially, there was confusion at who the leader of the party was. After Ms. James announced she was leaving, the UKIP did not have a leader for a short while. Without an immediate solution to their problem, the UKIP resorted to calling back Nigel Farage.

Matthew Goodwin is professor of politics at the University of Kent. He believes that Diane James resigning is going to mean another period of infighting and chaos for the UKIP. Goodwin thinks that the party faces issues externally as well as internally. Externally, the UKIP is feeling the pressure from a Conservative Party that is very focused on the Brexit. With the Conservative Party leading the negotiation process for the Brexit, it’s possible that the Tories are going to attract political support away from the UKIP. Internally, the party is suffering from a complete lack of leadership. There is no apparent leader within the ranks of the UKIP. The party is also suffering from a lack of money, as they are in need of more funding. There is also a shortage of new people. The UKIP needs to attract new politicians to its ranks to move forward.

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