Nintendo’s Miitomo Still Stands Strong

Miitomo has reached four million downloads since its release.

Miitomo has reached four million downloads since its release.

Nintendo has recently released its first chat application meant for iOS devices, and Miitomo has recorded great success until now. While many expected the app to be some sort of a game, Miitomo rather falls into the social media category.

Users of the app can create a cartoonish version of themselves, which is customizable, but also answer various questions about themselves to give their Mii more personality. In this way, they can build connections with other users and start conversations.

Since it’s release in the United States in late March, the app has recorded over four million downloads, and it does not seem it will stop anytime soon. However, Miitomo is not quite what everyone was expecting it to be.

You have the option of meeting new people and adding them to the app, but most people end up connecting to their Twitter and Facebook pals, which makes Nintendo’s social platform like a cover for those two. In spite of being allowed to create a colorful avatar complete with extravagant outfits, much of your time is spent either writing or reading chunks of text.

The questions of Miitomo get up close and personal, and thus interact with the users in a way Facebook or Twitter never did. Furthermore, there are no feeds of messages or status updates, but you can comment and like a public response, which in turn can lead to the start of a discussion. In this way, Miitomo can be considered a big Q&A session, featuring your friends or complete strangers.

Users can gain in-game currency that can be spent on various features and avatar outfits. However, you can also buy gold coins in bundles that sell for $75.

The Miifoto editor is meant to create funny photos that you can share with your friends even across other social networks. With the editor, you can choose from a wide variety of facial expressions and poses and the results usually turn up quite surprising. If you wish to check out previous creations, you can search for the #Miifoto hashtag on Twitter.

While the experience on Nintendo’s first chat app for mobile devices is truly enthralling at the beginning, many users hope the company will introduce new features to keep their interest high in Miitomo.

Image Source: Flickr