North Korea Says We’re on the Brink of Nuclear War

North Korea Says We’re on the Brink of Nuclear War

Tensions between North Korea and the rest of the world have been consistently increasing.

Now the state says that Trump has pushed them too far, and as the tensions continue to escalate, the reality of a nuclear war becomes more likely, reports The Sun.

Dire Warnings Released by North Korea

A warning released by North Korea says that they are on the “brink of nuclear war” with the United States. The warning comes after Trump ordered new American weaponry deployments to the country. It also labels the United States as a “blackmailing gangster,” holding them at “knifepoint” with the economy sanctions placed on the country.

North Korea says they are on the brink of nuclear war and already staged their aggressive military drills after seeing South Korea do the same. North Korea refers to a nuclear strike as their self-defense method against the United States.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi says it is likely that the situation on the Korean peninsula will escalate and slip out of their control, which is why  China deployed a deadly new destroyer to the waters outside North Korea.

Trump Warns a Conflict is Possible

While many would shrug off the warnings from North Korea as yet another rant of a troubled dictator, Trump admitted in an interview that there was a threat. In fact, he said the possibility of a “major, major conflict” was likely, reports the NY Times.

During his interview, Trump praised the leader of China for his personal efforts in resolving issues with North Korea’s missile program. However, he continued to caution that diplomatic efforts between multiple countries and North Korea might fail.

Trump’s comments came after North Korea announced another planned underground test at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site. Their threats come after Trump had warned them specifically not to do so.

China has acted as a mediator between the two countries, and President Xi uses Beijing’s leverage as a long-time ally to persuade North Korea to stop their testing. China is working hard, according to Trump.

China does not want to see any turmoil or death, and they want to resolve the conflict with North Korea.

U.S. Willing to Take Military Action

During his speech, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has urged the world to increase pressure on North Korea.

While North Korea says the U.S. would be the cause of war, Tillerson says the lack of pressure on the country could lead to catastrophic results. Furthermore, the U.S. is willing to take military action against North Korea if necessary, reports CNN.

For now, the U.S. relies on financial and diplomatic leverage, but if the North Korean aggression continues to escalate, there might be no other choice but military involvement.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was urged to stop or downgrade relations, but the North Korean government is already quite isolated.

Trump is willing to engage in talks with North Korea and willing to negotiate. In the past, administrations have neglected the idea of negotiating with North Korea due to their aggressive behavior. However, North Korea must agree to talks and an agenda — something skeptics do not see happening.