North Korean Missile Fails After Launch

North Korean Missile Fails After Launch

A North Korean missile that the country was testing failed early this Thursday. According to United States and South Korean sources from the military, the missile failed immediately after it was launched. The two countries, the United States and South Korea have an agreement together to counteract North Korea’s nuclear efforts. South Korea’s neighbor has been increasing its activity regarding its nuclear program. The United States and South Korea are committed to doing everything they can to counter nuclear as well as missile threats from North Korea.

The United States and South Korea Agree to Step Up Efforts

North Korea fired the missile from the city of Kusong, in the West of the country. The North Korean missile was probably an intermediate-range Musudan. This is the second time that one of North Korea’s tests fail. Last Saturday, the country tried to launch the same type of rocket from the same site. But the missile failed to launch. This time, the missile did launch. But failed soon after.

As the isolated state is carrying out military tests, the United States and South Korea are cooperating on the issue. The two countries recently agreed in Washington to step up efforts to address the nuclear as well as the missile programs of North Korea. The rogue state is pursuing these programs in open defiance of resolutions from the Security Council of the United Nations. The two countries talked about possible diplomatic as well as military approaches to North Korea’s position.

South Korea’s Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a statement in strong condemnation of North Korea’s missile tests. Even if the country is registering setbacks in its program, it is clearly on its way to increasing its military capability. North Korea is relentlessly pursuing a stronger, more operational military.

“We strongly condemn the North’s continued illegal acts of provocation.”

Said South Korea’s Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in a statement.

North Korea Continues to Pursue Its Military Ambitions

Japan is another country that is concerned with North Korea’s recent activity. Its embassy in Beijing is going to make a formal protest to North Korea. Regional powers are at the time watching as North Korea continues to defy UN Security Council resolutions.

North Korea is working on improving the ability of its military. The country aims to have a weapon that has a range of 3,000 km, approximately 1,800 miles. Also, they want to be able to use the weapon from road mobile launchers. So they have been carrying out missile tests in an effort to obtain that functional, ready to use weapon. This was the eighth time in just seven months that North Korea has carried out a missile test.

North Korea has stepped up its military efforts this year. The isolated country always had nuclear ambitions that posed a threat to the peace and stability of the region. But this year North Korea seems to have quickened the pace. The country has cared very little about sanctions from the United Nations or about diplomatic pressure. It has pursued its ambitions, despite the country going through a very difficult time economically. There is reason to believe that North Korea has made progress with its efforts regarding developing a nuclear missile.

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