Obama US Born Says Trump Campaign

Obama US Born Says Trump Campaign

The race for the White House is closer than ever, with less than eight weeks to go until the election. The two candidates are almost tied, with the difference between them within the margin of error.

So these past few days has seen candidates take unprecedented action in an effort to reach out to voters. The Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump has been trying new angles in his approach. Whether stepping out of his comfort zone or setting the record straight on past statements, the Trump camp is working diligently.

The Birther Controversy

This week we have seen Donald Trump doing things that seemed unlikely at the time of the primaries race. He has made campaign stops at black churches in an effort to reach out to African American voters. Yesterday, he went on TV and talked to Dr. Oz about his health, releasing some of his medical information.

Now, the presidential race sees another campaign event that Donald Trump probably said would never happen. The Trump campaign is trying to put the birther issue behind them. While at the same time making it look like their candidate isn’t backpedaling or admitting he was wrong.

Late this Thursday, a Trump adviser made a statement about President Barack Obama and where he was born. The candidate himself still will not acknowledge publicly that Barack Obama was born in the US. During interviews, he says that he no longer talks about it. When asked about his previous statements, he tries to change the topic to things that he says are more important.

The current president, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. The topic of where he was born and whether or not he was born in the United States became the birther controversy. With speculation in the conservative part of the media that he was not in fact born in America.

Donald Trump was part of the controversy that was “birtherism”. In fact, it got him media time on political TV shows and may have helped start his political career. Now, the Republican candidate wants to put the controversy behind him.

Barack Obama Born in America After All

Without Donald J. Trump saying it out loud and in public, the campaign for the Republican candidate said that the current president is born in the United States.

Jason Miller is a senior communications adviser for the campaign and he was the one to deliver the written message. It said that Mr. Trump now believes that Obama was born in the US. It credited this new belief in the Democrat president to Mr. Trump having obtained his birth certificate. The statement also said, in a laudatory way that Donald Trump achieved that when others couldn’t.

Miller tried to portray Trump’s actions as political altruism. Explaining that five years ago, Donald Trump was merely trying to find out the truth for the greater good of the country.

The communications adviser also tried to steer attention in the direction of Hillary Clinton. He said that the issue of Obama’s birthplace was first brought up by Hillary Clinton herself, during the 2008 campaign.


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