Optimism Regarding the Paris Accord

Optimism Regarding the Paris Accord

Political consensus is something fragile and difficult to achieve. When it comes to climate change even the best of intentions can be thwarted by political and national interest. That’s what made the Paris accord last year such a breakthrough. Having so many key players agree on environmental issues will surely mean progress on climate change.

This Monday, France’s environment minister spoke with optimism about the global accord convened on in Paris. The accord to fight climate change is yet to be ratified. But the minister of the environment believes it will be in effect by November.

Progress with Ratification

As well as the French minister for the environment, Segolene Royal is also president of the COP21 conference. The COP22 meeting will take place on the 7th of November in Marrakesh, Morocco. It is set to have more environmental issues on the agenda for the participants.

Last year’s conference was a far-reaching agreement that gave hope to many that there is a future for the fight against climate change.

At the United Nations General Assembly in New York this year the Paris accord will be the focus of talks this Wednesday. Mrs. Royal was present in New York for the event.

Segolene Royal spoke to the press and said that there is a positive sort of competition to ratify the agreement between countries. She added that there might still be the need to stay vigilant.

“The awareness of the importance of the ratification is bearing fruit” she said. She used an optimistic tone throughout, which could mean that the Paris accord is as good as ratified.

The Paris Accord

The agreement asks of all countries to put in place plans that will keep the planet from warming up too much. For the purpose of the agreement, too much was defined as more than 2 degrees Celsius (that’s 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels.

The hope is that this would help us avoid the effects of global warming and climate change.

For the Paris accord to take effect, 55 countries must ratify it. That means formally entering the agreement. The 55 countries that everybody is waiting on together constitute 55 percent of greenhouse gas emissions on a global level.

The Paris accord came closer to becoming a reality earlier this month. China and the United States are the two top emitters of greenhouse gas. The two countries took the opportunity of a summit to both commit to the Paris accord.

According to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, 28 signatory parties have ratified the Paris accord so far. These 28 countries together are responsible for 39 percent of greenhouse gas emissions on a global level.

Around 10 countries are ready to ratify the Paris accord this Wednesday. These countries include Argentina, Brazil, Morocco, Mexico and the Ukraine. These new signatories would bring the level of emissions to 50 percent.


The European Union accounts for a little over 12 percent of global emissions. It could ratify the Paris accord en bloc. There will be a meeting of ministers of the environment on the 30th of September. After that, there will be a vote on it in the European Parliament on the 4th of October.

Also, there is hope that India will ratify the agreement the following month.


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