Overload, the New Kickstarter Project from Descent Creators

Overload, the new Kickstarter project from Descent creators, needs your help to become a reality.

If you missed the tunnel shooter type video game Descent, you will be pleased to hear about Overload, the new Kickstarter project from Descent creators. This is not the first time developers have attempted to revive the genre.

Firstly, they worked on a multiplayer prequel named Descent: Underground. Secondly, another shooter similar to Descent was announced by Sigtrap Games, an indie studio from the United Kingdom: Sublevel Zero. This game was focused on single-player and featured retro graphics.

Both games did well for themselves, but there was one major aspect missing from both: the involvement of the original crew of developers from Parallax Studios. Well, Matt Toschlog, Mike Kulas and the other makers of Descent have set up Revival Productions LLC. To what purpose? Gain $300,000 in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in order to create a new video game: Overload.

If we take a look at the website of the game or its page on Kickstarter, we can notice that Overload is set in a new universe and is not related to the story of Descent. This is because Revival could not obtain a license from Interplay for the Descent name. However, the new game features many similarities with Descent, like gameplay mechanisms: secret doors, rescuing hostages, exploring underground mines, finding keys and of course blowing up the whole place and escaping before it all collapses.

Even though the game is inspired from classics, the graphics belong to our age. The video and images on Kickstarter show both open spaces and tight corridors, as well as many enemies exploding in colorful ways. Overload will only be single-player, because the team prefers to focus on one goal and thus achieve the best version of the game.

Overload is set for release in March 2017, but only if the project manages to gather the money in time. The game will be compatible with Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Future expansion on Linux and Mac is also in the plans. The campaign will last for 29 more days and thus must reach $300,000 by March 11. Should you wish to get an early copy of the game, the minimum pledge is $25.

Overload, the new Kickstarter project from Descent creators has already been backed by 751 people, but still has a long way to go. Should you wish to help the developers and enjoy the game, you can do so here. The official website of the game can be accessed at http://playoverload.com.

Image Source: Kickstarter