Patient With Cancer Married In Hospital

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Swift Myers, a young patient with cancer, married his girlfriend- Aby Ruicker from high-school in a hospital

Swift Myers, a young patient with cancer, married his girlfriend- Aby Ruicker from high-school in a hospital. The 18-year old has been fighting bone cancer since seven grade.

The two met in high school, in Sand Springs, Oklahoma and had been dating for the past two years.

The teenage boy who’s fighting Ewing sarcoma married his girlfriend on his hospital bed. This happened after he ended up in an Intensive Care Unit, because of the disease. The disease struck him six times, and once again a seventh bout sent the unconscious teen to the hospital.

Doctors warned four times in a week that Swift might not survive the night. But he woke up eventually and asked Abbi Ruicker, his high-school sweetheart to marry him.

The nurses from Tulsa’s Saint Francis Children’s Hospital only had two days to put the wedding together. The bridesmaids and groomsmen gave bachelor and bachelorette parties and then Swift and Abbi got married on Sunday night, with caring relatives and friends taking part in the ceremony.

Swift had made jokes about marriage before, so Abbi did not take it seriously at first. But the next day he told her he meant it. Her father thought it was a big privilege for him to have Swift as his son-in-law.

So they began to plan the ceremony as soon as possible. Abbi even found time to tweet about wedding dresses and the perfect ring.

She sent the invitations to a small group of close friends, as Swift was still ill, in the ICU. Some of them came together in front of the hospital, while others used Facebook to watch the wedding through live stream.

Swift pointed out he was happy to see his pretty bride. The hospital staff took care of the rest. They placed decorations in the ICU unit, reserved a chocolate cake and talked to a photographer and videographer.

The two beautifully dressed main characters of the story were a bit nervous, but in the end, they smiled it through.

Pastor Lars Gwartney gave the groom a funny marriage advice, something about not being able to be right and married. Pastor Gwartney went on to say that circumstances don’t define people, and that joy and peace come from knowing we aren’t alone.

Abbi wanted to raise awareness about the Ewig Sarcoma, frequent cancer among teens and young adults.

Image Source –Wikipedia