Powerful Earthquake in Italy this Sunday

Powerful Earthquake in Italy this Sunday

This Sunday there was a powerful earthquake in Italy. It affected the center of the country. Experts believe that it is the strongest earthquake that has hit Italy since 1980. The Italian peninsula has seen devastating seismic activity this year. The earthquakes have led to loss of human lives as well as loss of property. Authorities struggled to cope in an emergency situation. The tragedy this August shook Italy. A powerful earthquake claimed the lives of nearly 300 people. This Sunday’s earthquake comes just four days after there were two other earthquakes back-to-back.

Another Earthquake in Italy Affects Small Towns

The two previous earthquakes did severe damage to buildings and left thousands of people in the area with nowhere to go. The landscape in the area is desolate with small Italian towns destroyed by the seismic activity.

According to the National Geophysical and Volcanology Institute of Italy, the earthquake in Italy had a magnitude of 6.5 on the Richter scale. The earthquake took place at 7:41 in the morning. Its epicenter was near Norcia in the center of Italy. People as far away as the town of Bolzano in the north of Italy felt the earthquake. In the south, the earthquake was felt up to Puglia.

Because of the two previous earthquakes, locals had been evacuated from the area. So, at the time the earthquake struck, most of the towns in the center of Italy were empty. That was a fortunate situation that avoided a tragedy like the one in August. So far, there have been no immediate reports of any deaths.

Fabrizio Curcio is the head of the Civil Protection Department in Italy. According to information that he supplied to the media, 20 people were injured. But no one was killed.

 “It was an important earthquake.”

Said Fabrizio Curcio.

Emergency Measures in Response to the Earthquake

As a response to the earthquakes, the authorities closed off some public roads. So, helicopters took people to the hospitals. Also, the authorities put together search and rescue teams in the event they should need to look for people trapped under buildings. The mayors of the towns were checking in on the situation of people in smaller hamlets.

Emergency teams evacuated the area. They transferred the residents of the area that the earthquake hit to temporary dorms or to hotels. The authorities found temporary options for people whose homes the earthquake hit. Some were insisting that they want to stay with their property and did not want to go. But emergency personnel persuaded them to go. So, in the end, the towns remained empty.

Fabrizio Curcio said that it was best for residents to receive assistance further away from the earthquake areas.

“This was a 6.5 — we haven’t had an earthquake of this magnitude since 1980 — so there are a series of controls we have to carry out.”

 Said Fabrizio Curcio.

Electrical power in some areas was out. Also, several sections of Via Salaria, the biggest highway in the area, were closed. Emergency teams worked through the night to clear the debris off the roads.

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