Prince William and His Family Visit Canada

Prince William and His Family Visit Canada

Prince William, Kate, George and Charlotte are in Canada for an official visit. The young royal couple last visited the country five years ago as newly-weds. This time they brought their two children along. For Princess Charlotte, who is just sixteen months old, this is the first time she goes on an official royal visit. Prince George is three years old and by now is more accustomed with the attention. He has after all even met the United States President, Barack Obama.

The royal family hope that this will bring the British monarchy closer to Canadians. The family is for the first time together on an official visit with two lovely small children. They are sure to attract a lot of media attention from the Canadian as well as international press.

The Royal Visit to Canada

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Canada with their two children and are going to undertake a tour of the country. They are going to spend eight days in Canada altogether. They started by landing in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. There, they were welcomed by the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who was accompanied by his wife, Sophie Gregoire.

An endearing event happened right after the family stepped off the plane. Prime Minister Trudeau tried to greet young Prince George and shake hands with him. Prince George was perhaps shy and would not stretch out his small hand. The Prime Minister was smiling just the same. As were other people present to welcome the royal family.

The decision to bring the two small children with them was an important one. It is the debut of a life that will be spent performing official duties. Prince William said that on this occasion the two children are embarking on a “lifetime of friendship” with the country of Canada.

Prince William Speaks to Canadians

Later in the day, Prince William spoke in front of a crowd of thousands of people that had assembled outside the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. He talked about how him and Kate had last been there when they had been married for only three months.

The prince said that he remembers the warm welcome that Canada gave the couple at a very important moment in their lives. He added that the moment meant a lot to the two of them and they have never forgotten it. Prince William continued by saying that it is for that reason that they are so pleased that George and Charlotte are with them in Canada for this visit.

The city of Victoria is actually named after William’s great-great-great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. However, Queen Victoria never visited Canada when it was part of her empire. The British crown replaced the French one and so it has stayed to this day. However, the crown in the UK is a considerable distance away, 4000 miles.

There is a small minority in Canada who would like it for the head of state to be someone born in Canada. But there is no political will to change the status of government in Canada.


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