Profile Videos And Animated Selfies Introduced on Facebook

Facebook Video Profile

Video profiles on Facebook can now be customized to your heart’s desire.

Facebook has announced at its annual F8 conference that it will soon give its users the option of making profile videos, which will be further customized through various features. The option was first introduced last year when people could use looping videos instead of profile pictures.

Yesterday, Facebook announced its partnership with six apps focused on video making which is meant to facilitate the customization of profile videos. In this respect, the “Profile Expression Kit” was introduced, which includes various animations and creative art, ready to spice up your videos. The feature was launched yesterday, and now all users have the option of creating a video profile through one of the partner video apps, which are Vine, Boomerang, Cinemagraph Pro, MSQRD, Lollicam, and BeautyPlus.

The new tool truly does simplify the process of customizing Facebook profiles and making them more personal. However, the feature is also meant to encourage people to create original content since the social media platform has recorded a decline in the matter. The company has made this change after it witnessed the popularity of profile videos and has opted to partner with third-party apps for a fun, creative and simple process.

According to Ryan Houx, product marketing manager of Facebook,

“Profiles are the version of you you choose to curate and put out into the world. Videos are big on Facebook, and we want to give people a way to express themselves in a fun way. This lowers barriers for creative expression.”

It appears that thirty million photos and videos are uploaded daily on the social media platform. Keeping this in mind, Facebook has purposely chosen different video apps which are popular in various parts of the world. For instance, Lollicam and BeautyPlus are used mainly in Asia. Additionally, these apps have different features, so Facebook users will have a wide variety of options to choose from: MSQRD can make people look like animals or martians.

Furthermore, the profile videos can also be shared on other social media platforms, like Tinder or Spotify, thus becoming a crucial part of the users’ identity. A timer can be added to the video profiles in order to make them temporary, and a thumbnail can be selected for places where the video cannot autoplay.

Image Source: Pixabay