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Growing Radical Feminist Movement Claims Transgenderism Is Patriarchal and Homophobic ⋆

Growing Radical Feminist Movement Claims Transgenderism Is Patriarchal and Homophobic

Growing Radical Feminist Movement Claims Transgenderism Is Patriarchal and Homophobic

Supporting transgender individuals in using the bathroom of the gender they identify with is often framed as a liberal cause. For the radical feminist, the transgender movement is not only not liberal, it is part of the “patriarchy.”

What is the patriarchy? In radical feminist theory, it is a system in which men rule over women.

While it might seem strange to view men becoming women as a form of patriarchy, to the radical feminist, male-to-female transgenders are trying to take over women’s lives and spaces.

Feminist have a name for this: female erasure.

While the mainstream media has promoted the transgender movement as being universally accepted by all but “bigoted” conservatives, radical feminists claim the movement is silencing the voices of real women through intimidation and even threats.

For women who step out of line and openly criticize the transgender movement, harassment and even doxxing (posting personal information about someone online) is a real problem.

Radical feminists are often called “TERFs” by transgender activists. TERF stands for “Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminist” and is considered a slur by radical feminists. A website dedicated to documenting threats and violence directed at anti-trans feminists is actually titled “TERF is a slur.”

The number of “TERF” blogs and YouTube channels is growing. Women who had previously been supportive of transgenders often hit what is called “Peak Trans” and come to the blogs to anonymously discuss their concerns.

Perhaps the one of the top trans-critical blogs is “GenderTrender,” run by a lesbian activist who uses the pseudonym GallusMag. GallusMag has been the repeated target of trans activists unhappy with the success of her blog, due in part to her unapologetic tone.

“Be aware,” GallusMag wrote on a blog post about “TransDykes.” “There’s a crazy-ass woman-hating subculture of straight men who identify as transwomen and they call themselves TransDykes or Pastel Bloc. They are violent men and you are their number one enemy.”

Gender Identity vs. Gender Critical Theory

Many radical feminists consider themselves to be “gender critical.” In opposition to gender identity theory, which embraces gender stereotypes, gender critical ideology posits that personality attributes such as a preference for make-up should not be tied to any particular gender.

For example, in gender identity theory, a person who was born male and wants to wear dresses would be labeled a “female.” The gender critical feminist would say that both males and females should be allowed to wear dresses without it defining their gender.

Many radical feminists are lesbians who are concerned that the lesbian movement has been hijacked by transgender ideology. They claim that young women who would previously come out as lesbians are now being encouraged or even pressured to change their sex and become male.

In some countries, such as Iran, homosexuals are actively pushed into undergoing sex change surgery.

Transgender Impact on Women’s Sports and Sex

Two of the hot button transgender issues currently (beyond bathrooms) are women’s sports and sex. Increasingly, male-to-female transgenders are competing in women’s sports competitions, and almost universally winning every race or match. On occasion, a female-to-male in transition will compete while on male hormones, and they usually win as well.

With the Olympics now allowing transgenders to compete in women’s competitions, many feminists fear that biological women will be pushed out of sports altogether.

On the issue of sex, many radical lesbians are furious that they are being told they are bigoted if they don’t want to have sex with a male-to-female transgender who still has the original private parts intact. Trans activists, on the other hand, are labeling this resistance a “cotton ceiling” that is discriminatory against “women with penises.”

Zinnia Jones, a prominent trans activist on Twitter, angered many feminists by tweeting: “These angry declarations that they have some absolute right to not want to be with trans women are just misplaced and inappropriate.”

Some feminists feel that sentiments like these are contribution to a “rape culture.”

While trans activists claim that allowing biological males into women’s facilities is perfectly safe, and that any fears are paranoia, that has not been the reality. In Toronto, two women (one who was disabled) were sexually assaulted at a battered women’s shelter by a man who was allowed into the facility by claiming he was a woman named Jessica.