Rapper Blac Youngsta Arrested after $200,000 Bank Withdrawal

Black YoungstaA rapper known under the stage name Blac Youngsta was arrested by police following a $200,000 bank withdrawal from his own personal account.

The incident took place on Friday, January 8, and is already being seen by critics as an instance of racial profiling, since allegedly the African-American’s cash transaction appeared suspicious to law enforcement because it involved an overly high amount of money.

Blac Youngsta, born in Memphis Tennessee as Sam Benson, joined the Collective Music Group label in September 2015, after impressing music moguls with his debut album, titled “Heavy”.

Fellow hip hop artist Yo Gotti soon rewarded his newest protégé with a Lamborghini, in order to express his support and admiration for the upcoming artist’s swagger and energetic, confident delivery of rap lines.

Now it appears Blac Youngsta wanted to purchase a luxury Mercedes-Benz Sedan also, which is why he decided to go to a bank operated by Wells Fargo, and located at 3235 Peachtree Road NE, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Soon after cashing in his $200,000 however, the 25-year old rapper was apprehended by police officers, upon trying to head out to his parked vehicle, where members of his entourage had been waiting for him.

The arrest unfolded rather brutally, with several policemen wielding their handguns, ambushing him, and throwing him against the pavement, in order to place him under restraint.

Officers also strip searched him despite the freezing cold weather, and seized half of the money he had just withdrawn, claiming the cash had been obtained illegally.

Several photos were taken by the rapper’s manager at the time, and one of them eventually was published by Black Youngsta on his official Facebook profile, the image’s caption ironically referring to the way law enforcement deals with a “young rich nigga”.

After detaining Benson and two of his friends for around an hour, so as to search extensively through the men’s SUV, police officers eventually released the wrongly accused hip hop artist, and allowed the group to to leave the scene of the incident.

Now, law enforcement representatives are firmly rejecting the accusation that the arrest was made because of suspicions raised by a Black customer withdrawing so much cash.

Apparently, what actually happened was that a bank employee had reached out to 911, telling dispatchers that a male client had tried to cash a fraudulent check, amounting to $24,000.

Details regarding the check forgery suspect and the car he had been driving were quite contradictory and rather sparse, and that is how Benson was apprehended.

As explained by Sergeant Warren Pickard, a spokesperson of the Atlanta Police Department, officers in charge with the case soon realized that the rapper actually had no connection whatsoever with the unauthorized transaction, which is why they immediately set him free.

Afterwards, law enforcement apprehended the real culprit, identified as Charles Darnell Edward, aged 39, who was eventually accused of forgery in the first degree.

As Pickard insists, Blac Youngsta wasn’t at any point targeted by law enforcement, and the entire arrest was just an unfortunate case of mistaken identify.

Meanwhile, the rapper declared that this incident won’t deter him from gifting himself a 2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 (coming with a price tag of $189,000), just as he had intended when he initially cashed the check.

Image Source: Rolling Out