Release Date of PlayStation VR Is Set in Autumn 2016

It would seem that the release date of PlayStation VR is set in autumn 2016.

Rumors have been circulating that the release date of PlayStation VR is set in autumn 2016. However, both Sony and GameStop have recently clarified the situation.

Many reports have surfaced that the GameStop CEO has previously declared that the PlayStation VR headset will not be released until autumn this year. Therefore, you can imagine the disappointment of everyone when they heard the much-awaited device is delayed from summer to the other season, which would mean another two to even five months. Furthermore, it would seem like an uninspired move from Sony since HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will both be launched in spring.

Well, it appears that these pieces of information were completely wrong. As reported by CNET, Sony has stated that the company has yet to announce a release date and that all that GameStop did was to speculate. Furthermore, a representative of GameStop also clarified that Sony has not announced the launch time for the VR headset yet.

It seems that what GameStop CEO Paul Raines meant was that the company will be ready for the launch of the virtual reality device regardless of its release date.

Some might think that those declarations are normal responses because neither company wants to admit that the PlayStation VR was actually delayed. If people would know that they could have the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift much earlier, they would choose to go for these devices. GameStop would also be affected since the company deals with console games, as opposed to Vive and Rift which operate with Windows PCs.

However, if we take a close look at Paul Raines’ statement during the interview from Fox Business, we might notice a slight difference from the way it has been portrayed in the media:

“We will launch the Sony product this fall.”

This leaves a lot of space for interpretations. For instance, GameStop might plan to rely on the holidays near the end of the year in order to record bigger sales. Or Sony could opt to launch its virtual reality device before the product makes it to GameStop. Its competitors, Samsung and Oculus will sell their VR headsets directly to the consumers, and this might be what Sony has in mind as well.

The hype is understandable with the rising popularity of virtual reality. However, until we will receive an official statement for the exact time of the launch, the release date of PlayStation VR is set in autumn 2016.

Image Source: PS 4 Daily