Russia Gives Warning After “Intimidating” Missile Launch Sent by North Korea

Russia Gives Warning After “Intimidating” Missile Launch Sent by North Korea

For the most part, Russia has kept quiet on the conflict mounting between the world and North Korea.

However, North Korea might have made a mistake this weekend when they launched a missile that put them on Russia’s target.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged leaders to keep a cool front toward North Korea, but Putin also condemned the latest missile test from North Korea, calling it “dangerous.” He cautioned against intimidating North Korea, speaking directly to the United States, reports The Washington Post.

North Korea Shoots Missile that Claims to Reach the U.S.

North Korea fired another ballistic missile that flew approximately 450 miles and remained in the air for 30 minutes. This is a level of performance not seen from North Korea before, and it has others worried.

North Korea used a high angle to launch, and if they had used the standard angle, the missile would have a trajectory capacity of 2500 miles – enough to hit the Air Force Base in Guam.

North Korea has been working towards a long-range missile that would strike the United States.

Russia is one of the few countries with diplomatic ties to North Korea, and they have urged North Korea to be cautious about their missile launches, but also called on other countries to avoid intimidating the North Koreans.

Putin Requests Peaceful Solution

Threatening North Korea, per Putin, is unacceptable. During his speech in China, he stated that he was against expanded nuclear powers, reports CNN. Instead, Putin believes there is a peaceful solution to the nuclear program and possible war brewing in North Korea.

Putin’s response came after White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, suggested the latest test would create a harsh response from Russia.

Could North Korea be Ready to Strike the United States?

Before, it was thought that North Korea had several years to go before having the technology to hit the United States. The test on Sunday indicates that they have enough range to reach United States territory in Guam.

The Andersen Air Force Base is in Guam. Here, the Air Force rotates heavy bombers, like the B-1, B-2, and B-52.

The strike on Sunday shows that North Korea has a capacity that the rest of the world did not think they did.

Is President Trump the Only Leader that Might Achieve Peace?

Some believe that Donald Trump is the only leader that will fix the Korean crisis. There is an opportunity to play the cards just right, especially with China on the United States’ side and the new South Korean president ready to open talks.

Right now, President Kim feels that nuclear weapons are the key to North Korea’s power, reports the Huffington Post. Therefore, he feels compelled to use nuclear arms to strengthen his country.

However, some have noted that the sixth nuclear test was not conducted after stern warnings from the United States. This indicates that the North Koreans might be listening to America.

Pyongyang has floated the idea of bilateral talks with the United States, too – something they have never done in the past. However, this does not mean that there are no threats of future nuclear testing.

For now, Trump has bragging rights, considering that Kim Jong-un stated that he would meet with Trump if the conditions are right. Donald Trump has already made it clear he would be honored to meet with the North Korean president to strike a compromise.