Samsung Has Finally Decided to End the S-Pen Gate

Note-5-S Pen gateSamsung has finally decided to end the S-Pen gate. It seems that the Korean giant has solved the design defect that was bringing to its otherwise amazing Note 5 phone negative reviews and enraged complaints from clients.

The new version of the producer’s premium smart phone is rumored to avoid its infamous “pen-gate” problem. Samsung has presented a dull white-colored “switch” that lets its stylus to be removed when the pen is inserted reversed, according to some sources.

The S Pen’s cap is apparently connected to the phone’s motherboard through a short sticky tape, so it is not known how efficient this fix would be even if the source says that the method does its job quite well. In 2015, several customers reported that their S Pen (Samsung Note’s attached stylus) that is delivered with a series of extra options is being stuck in the device when it is inserted backwards.

When they tried to get it out forcefully, they said, damaged the S Pen’s detection, though making certain features ineffective. Samsung was prompt to deal with the problem, back then only suggesting customers to see the instructions in order to prevent it.

The issue, as many people mentioned, was that both the upper and lower part of the stylus are very similar in width, so it is easy to insert the S Pen either way. In addition to that, Samsung’s Note 5 did not offer any alert or level of resistance while the stylus was placed improperly.

For what it is worth, the Korean producer also began to make a plastic label for its Note 5, which informed people about the problem. The message let the customers know to place the digital stylus with its nip inserted inward. Putting the Note 5’s S Pen in the opposite way could cause the accessory to be stuck and could harm the stylus and the smart phone.

Samsung’s initial reaction to this pen-gate, known as an ordeal where enough customers would unintentionally insert their S-Pen in their smart phone backwards and make the gadget’s detection indicator to be damage, did not produced the desired effects.

That does not mean that they cannot do better. Samsung already began modifying the whole system to show users how to place the stylus into the Note 5, so these days they even appear to be making improved boards, which use a more secure detection procedure.

It is good to find out that the organization has lastly done something significant to help customers to avoid from damaging their device’s S Pen. The first stylus, with a little dark tab set on the right of the motherboard, did not provide such protection.

It is unfortunate that the company made this mistake and caused problems to the users, but they are offering solutions to fix it, though the only purpose is to reduce the number of warranty claims received from people with a stuck stylus.

Unfortunately, customers do not which phone to buy without dismembering it, but this just gives them more motivation to ensure that they are placing the stylus properly whenever they use it.

Image source: Allaboutsamsung