San Bernardino Elementary School Suspected as Murder-Suicide

San Bernardino Elementary School Murder-SuicideA California elementary school is in mourning after two adults were shot and killed and two students injured in what appears to be a murder-suicide.

The shooting occurred at 10:00 am local time in San Bernardino’s North Park Elementary. Two adults were found deceased in the classroom, and San Bernardino Police suspect that the suspect was one of the two adults. Therefore, they do not believe a manhunt is needed at this time.

Two Students Wounded in the Murder-Suicide

Two students were transferred to the local hospital, but their injuries not disclosed. Their injuries were severe enough to have them airlifted to the local hospital, and their condition is still unknown at this time, reports the LA Times. They are students of the school. The rest of the students were evacuated to Cajon High School after the incident occurred.

Parents had rushed to the school worried that their children were among the injured.

Teacher Involved in the Shooting

Per San Bernardino Unified School District, a teacher was one of the adults found deceased at the scene. The incident happened in a classroom.

The San Bernardino County Fire Department had reported multiple gunshot victims initially, and they set up a triage area to help. School officials state that the shooting was limited to the campus and that classroom, but the details are still developing. They believe it was an instance of domestic violence, but did not indicate if the teacher was the victim or shooter.

The North Park Elementary School has mostly Latino students and low-income students. They offer education to students from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Initially, the students were sent to a field at the school’s campus before they were evacuated and stationed at the neighboring high school. Teachers and law enforcement guarded the students while they waited on the field and until they reached the high school. Officials identified the two injured students and notified parents before they allowed other parents to retrieve students from the high school.

Nearby schools were also placed on lockdown out of precaution.

Multiple law enforcement agencies reported to the scene including the Los Angeles ATF Division. The FBI offered their assistance for the investigation and events, but because the local police felt it was contained, there was no need for federal assistance at the time.

San Bernardino – A City Increasing in Violence

The city has seen a major increase in its number of violent crimes and acts over the past few years. There have been 62 murders already from 2016 – which was a 41% increase from 2015. That was the deadliest number for the city since 1995.

The city is still working on recovering from their recent bankruptcy, also the 2015 terror attack that claimed several lives. The 2015 attack in December killed 14 and wounded 22. It was led by a husband and wife shooter team who were eventually killed in a gun fight with police later that day.