Schools Warning Parents About “13 Reasons Why”

Schools Warning Parents About “13 Reasons Why”

Some school officials have recently decided to send letters to the parents, warning them about Netflix’s original series called “13 Reasons Why”. On Monday, parents of public school students in Montclair, New Jersey, received a letter which explains them what their children might be watching. The letter says that, while the show is entirely fictional, it is also very graphic, it shows scenes of rape and that the school officials are very worried about the students’ emotional safety.

A controversial TV series

Andrew Evangelista is the one who decided to write those letters to the parents. He is the coordinator of the mental health and harassment, intimidation and bullying district of the school. The “13 Reasons Why” TV show is based off a 2007 novel with the same name. It follows the story of 17-year old Hannah Baker, who commits suicide. However, before doing that, she leaves behind some audio recordings for 13 specific people. Those were, according to her, part of the reason why she decided to commit suicide. Selena Gomez is co-producing the series, which also has 13 episodes.

The parents reportedly appreciated what Evangelista wanted to do and that he cares for the safety of the students. According to a mother whose children are going to the Montclair school, her daughters of 12 and 13-years old also wanted to watch the show. After many fights, the parents decided to allow them to watch it. However, just when one of the parents is at home. Also, when their 9-year old brother is not around.

The new trend among teenagers

The TV show quickly became some kind of new trend among teenagers all over the world. And while the parents agree that it might look interesting for the children, the show’s approach is not the most suited for their age. “13 Reasons Why” premiered last month and it was quickly surrounded by controversy. Many suicide prevention advocacy groups said that the show might push more teenagers to commit suicide. According to statistics, among the people with ages between 15 and 34, suicide is the second leading cause of death. Meanwhile, the producers of the show are stating that they only wanted to draw attention on some current issues like bullying and suicide.

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