Sleeping Device from Nintendo Is Put on Hold

The sleeping device from Nintendo is put on hold, as the company has to focus on other projects first.

The upcoming “Quality of Life” sleeping device from Nintendo is put on hold, with no further information on a future release date. The CEO of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, has stated that the program is still in the plan and has not been fully scrapped.

After meeting up with investors to talk about the earnings report this week, Kimishima has decided to set up a release date for the sleeping device only after the program can be truly named a consumer product. As a result, the whole procedure is expected to take longer than previously estimated. He also added that the company does not believe the device is ready to enter the phase of becoming a product, and still needs to be polished.

The sleep and fatigue device was first announced back in 2014 and was set to be released in March this year. Its purpose was to monitor the users’ sleeping patterns, along with their pulse rate and body temperature. However, Nintendo will keep working on the “Quality of Life” program after discussing the whole project with the health and lifestyle department.

This story is very similar to the one from 2009 when the company announced during the E3 the launch of the Vitality Sensor. However, the product was cancelled because of its unreliable functionality.

The fact that Nintendo worked with a renowned company in the field of sleep tracking devices named Resmet does not seem to help the project. Furthermore, it might be possible that Nintendo simply has too many projects on its plate at the moment and thus must delay one or more of them. The company also has to work hard to regain lost territory after the meltdown of Wii U and the 3DS sales.

A more mysterious upcoming product has been named NX. The gaming device is rumored to be compatible with several ecosystems. The idea is truly original since it would be one of the first devices to work simultaneously with the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Furthermore, Nintendo plans to introduce a new online service named My Nintendo which is set to replace Club Nintendo. My Nintendo will include cloud data services, friend management and other features, and the company estimates that more than one hundred million users will sign up for it.

Even though the “Quality of Life” sleeping device from Nintendo is put on hold, we might still be able to buy it sometime in the near future. Until then, Nintendo fans will surely be pleased with the company’s other releases.

Image Source: Polygon