New Snapchat Features Add Backdrops, Links, and Voice Filters to Your Snaps

New Snapchat Features Add Backdrops, Links, and Voice Filters to Your Snaps

In the middle of the intense competition between social media platforms, Snapchat comes with a handful of features which greatly improve the user experience and allow them to have a lot of fun. These features make use of visual and sound options, but also improve utility.

Insert fun backgrounds in your Snaps

The first feature makes snaps look more fun using backdrops. Before sending a snap message, this feature allows you to place different objects or background behind you or behind other objects in the photo. You only have to select the scissors icon from the toolkit and choose the striped square.

Then, you have to trace this square over anything in the photo you want to appear in the foreground. Afterwards, select an image from the backdrop options, and everything’s ready. You have plenty of images to choose from, and Snapchat will introduce new background every day.

New voice filters and links can now be inserted in Snaps

The second feature is based on sound, with the introduction of new voice filters. These are not a novelty on Snapchat but, now, you can use them apart from Lenses. You are allowed to record a video Snap without applying any filter to your face, but only to your voice. After tapping the Speaker icon, you can choose from a series of voices to apply, including cute or scary ones.

Paperclip is the most useful recently added feature, as it allows you to attach websites to Snaps. To do this, tap the paperclip icon from the toolkit, and then insert the link you want to attach. Those who view your Snap can swipe up, and the website will be displayed within the app.

The addition of these new features might be a strategy to attract more users. In February, the company announced its platform had 158 million users, and is facing strong competition. As a comparison, the recently launched Instagram Stories, although inspired from Snapchat, already has over 200 million users.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons