Study: 5 Servings of Fruit and Veggies a Day Are Not Enough

Study: 5 Servings of Fruit and Veggies a Day Are Not Enough

A new study suggests five servings of fruit and vegetables might not be enough to remain healthy. A group of researchers claim that 10 servings could prevent nealy 8 million of premature deaths every year.

However, the findings might discourage the two in three people struggling to have at least three or four servings per day. Past studies showed that 0.40 lbs of fruit and veggies can lower heart disease risk by 16 percent, risk of stroke by 18 percent, risk of cancer by 4 percent and early death risk by 15 percent.

The new study suggests more is better if we want to stave off cardiovascular disease and early death.

Lead author Dr Dagfinn Aune disclose her team’s initial goal was to find how much fruit and veggies would grant maximum protection against certain conditions and early death. Aune added that 5 servings are good, but 10 servings are better.

This means that we should gorge on 1.7 pounds of fruit and veg to reduce heart disease risk by 24%, risk of stroke by 33%, the risk of cancer by 13%, and risk of premature death by 31%

However, not all fruit and vegetables grant the same level of protection. The risk of heart disease and stroke is reduced better with pears, apples, citrus fruits, and green leafy veggies such as lettuce and spinach, researchers found.

Cancer risk drops better with green veggies and green beans, cruciferous veggies, and orange and yellow veggies such as carrots and peppers. The research team did not find any visible differences in the level of protection provided by cooked and raw fruit and vegetables.

Aune added that these foods lower cholesterol levels, normalize blood pressure, and enhance the overall health of our immune system and blood vessels. The researcher thinks the benefits are linked to the many antioxidants these food items contain. Antioxidants reduce DNA damage, slow down aging processes, and lower cancer risk.

What’s more the glucosinolates in certain veggies such as broccoli boost enzyme’s role in fighting off cancer. Plus, fruit and veggies can bring documented benefits when they interact with our gut bacteria.
Image Source: Pixabay