Study Shows Eggs Do Not Influence Heart Diseases

We have received good news today, as study shows eggs do not influence heart diseases.

A new Finnish study shows eggs do not influence heart diseases, putting an end to the belief that eggs are bad for people’s health. Previous studies have made a point out of painting chicken’s produce as the cause for heart attacks and cardiovascular issues. However, Finnish researchers have just proven the opposite.

The new study was conducted by Jyrki K. Virtanen and other medical researchers at University of Eastern Finland, and its results were featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Virtanen is an epidemiology professor at University of Eastern Finland. About 10,000 men aged from 42 to 60 from the cold country took part to the study which lasted for an astounding 21 years. According to Virtanen, he and his team noted the diet of each patient when the study begun. However, the changes those people made during those 21 years were not recorded, so the study might not be 100% accurate.

However, the results they achieved show that eggs do not lead to heart diseases, no matter in what way they are cooked and consumed. Furthermore, people with a high sensitivity to cholesterol (who have the APOE 4 gene) are also not prone to developing cardiovascular diseases. This gene has been linked to an increased risk to Alzheimer’s disease and heart diseases. As Virtanen has stated,

“Moderate intake of cholesterol doesn’t seem to increase the risk of heart disease, even among those people at higher risk.”

At the beginning of the study, the individuals used to consume one egg each day. Therefore, the daily cholesterol amount was estimated at 398 milligrams. All participants to the study were in good health and were also controlled for BMI, hypertension, diabetes, smoking status and education.

Before the end of the test it appeared that 230 men out of the total of 10,000 have suffered heart attacks. This has encouraged many to believe that the cholesterol from eggs does indeed affect people and lead to heart diseases. However, the researchers have stated that they could not find a link between cholesterol and cardiovascular conditions.

In the end, as the Finnish study shows eggs do not influence heart diseases, we must keep in mind that all is good with measure. While eating one or two hard-boiled eggs during one day is fine, there is a whole different matter when you decide to have a whole meal featuring eggs, bacon and croissants.

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