The Survival trailer for No Man’s Sky Is Here

No Man's Sky promotional poster

The game is aimed at a wider range of players from conquerors to explorers.

Hello Games just released the Survival trailer for No Man’s Sky, thus completing the overall sneak peek at the four major categories of the upcoming action-adventure survival. Now players are eagerly expecting the launch of the game.

No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival video game developed by indie company Hello Games for Windows and PlayStation 4. The game will feature a science-fiction infinite procedurally generated galaxy. In other words, players will have the opportunity of exploring countless worlds in an ever-changing universe.

The game is meant to simulate, as best as it can, a real scenario in which earthlings gain the capability of building powerful, technologically-advanced spaceships able to explore an infinite universe.

In order to appeal to a broader public, the developers created four main categories; each focused on a different skillset. For the adventurous spirits, there is the Survival mode, for the savvy businesspeople they created the Trade option, the warriors will focus on the Fight category, and the curious romantic spirits will have the opportunity to Explore.


The fourth and final teaser trailer for the video game is the one depicting the Survival mode. Players are taunted with images of a world where enormous dinosaurs roam in a radiation-filled environment, deserted planets where the toxicity levels are too much for the equipment to handle, and giant insects and other deadly lifeforms stalk around the carnivorous vegetation.

When playing the Survival mode, gamers will have to survive extreme conditions like toxic atmospheres, acid rain, dangerous radiation levels, extreme temperatures, hostile robots, and massive blood-lusting creatures all while keeping the equipment in working order.

Other categories, like Trade, take players into the commercial area of the universe. Skilled businesspersons will be able to make a name for themselves in the specialized market. Firefly fans will have a kick out of this mode seeing as the ship will be the most valuable possession of the tradesperson.

We don’t know if smuggling will be possible, but seeing as the game tries to mimic real-life conditions as best as it can, thrifty players may have the opportunity to make some extra credits.

The Exploration mode hinted at incredible worlds within the 18 quintillion planets where players will encounter a limitless variety of flora, fauna, and even robotic life.

What do you think about No Man’s Sky? Are you eager for the August launch?

Image source: YouTube