Syria Truce Holds with Aid Preparations On Their Way

Syria Truce Holds with Aid Preparations On Their Way

Following the new truce in Syria, it has been reported in the One America News Network that an entire day has passed with not a single combat death in the ongoing war between President Bashar al-Assad and those who oppose him. Efforts to get aid to the besieged areas have made a cautious start.

United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura made a statement twenty-four hours after the truce began. He said that the situation had drastically improved and that all being well access for United Nations aid should be possible very soon. This aid would reach Eastern Aleppo, the area of the city which is currently held by rebels and under blockade.

The primary goal of the international community is to deliver much-needed aid to those civilians trapped in Aleppo. Before the war, Aleppo was Syria’s largest city, but it has been divided for many years.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Issued a Statement

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that they hadn’t received any reports about combatants or civilians being killed in fighting in any of the areas included in the truce.

This ceasefire has been negotiated by the United States and Russia and is supported by countries that are loyal to Asaad as well countries that take the side of his opponents. It is the second attempt this year to bring peace to this war that has been raging for over five years.

Since the war began, there has been a death toll of around 430,000 according to estimates by the Observatory. The United Nations gives the same figures. There are approximately 11 million people who have lost their homes and been forced onto the streets in this conflict, making it the world’s worst refugee crisis.

The United States and Russia Are Working Together

Moscow and Washington are working together on this ceasefire, despite President Vladimir Putin sending warplanes to support Assad’s troops last year. The two countries have now agreed to share targeting information.

During a conference call with reporters, a senior State Department official stated that his understanding was that the only groups which were allowed to be attacked during this time of truce were the al-Nusra Front and ISIS. He confirmed that the agreement has been accepted by both Assad and the majority of the groups that oppose him.

United Nations Special Envoy for Syria de Mistura disclosed that there had been allegations of sporadic, isolated incidents and emphasized that only one day of calm had passed. However, he admitted to reporters that there had been a very significant decrease in violent incidents. If the truce continues de Mistura believes aid access should happen very soon and that Syrian civilians would no longer be subjected to bombs and instead receive trucks bringing help and supplies.

The United Nations are currently waiting for Damascus to authorize their deliveries. De Mistura stated that the United Nations were eager for this to happen as soon as possible.

There are some concerns that when those deliveries do arrive they may not be sufficient for the estimated 300,000 people living in the opposition-held part of Aleppo.