Terminally Ill Teen Wants To Die

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A terminally ill teen from Wisconsin wants to schedule the time of her death, but not before one last summer.

A terminally ill teen from Wisconsin wants to schedule the time of her death, but not before one last summer. After enduring through 38 surgeries and an intensely painful day-to-day life,  Jerika Bolen made a tough decision. She wants to say goodbye to her family and end her life.

Bolen’s heart-wrenching story was highly publicized. The teenager who is from Appleton, Wisconsin suffers from type 2 spinal atrophy, a disease which has no cure, at this time. People who have it sometimes die during their teen years.

The teenager did her best to live a happy life alongside her family. The local newspaper described Jerika as a “hopeless romantic with purple hair, who loves alternative music and Facebook”.

However, a few months ago, Jerika took the decision to end her life. Jerika and her mother asked the hospital in early June for the girl to go without the life supporting ventilator that assists her breathing for 12 hours daily.

Jerika wanted to enjoy one last summer, so the ventilator will be pulled at the end of August. Once the device is put off, there’s no telling when the end will come. Jen inherits her father’s stubbornness, but when the time comes, she hopes her spirit will relent.

Jerika’s painful condition is worsening. She could lose complete control of her hands and face, and her pain could get even worse. The 14-year-old is currently in hospital care.

When Jerika’s mother Jen Bolen first heard her daughter’s plan to switch off the machine and die, she suggested that Jerika try more painkillers.

Jerika insisted that she was serious about the intention to die. Jen argued she felt numb, angry and very sad after this decision. Even though she tried to suggest alternatives for her young daughter, the decision was left to the girl. Jen considers the girl old enough to decide.

Jerika feels she’s got a poor quality of life. She said her constant medical care is causing her family to hurt a lot. She hopes her memory will continue.

Refusing any type of treatment and allowing the human body to take its course is different from assisted suicide or euthanasia. The pro-life movement believes it’s okay to refuse excessive treatment, but there are debates over the right to remove basic life-supporting care.

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