Tiffany Trump Expected to Attend Georgetown Law

Tiffany TrumpTiffany Trump, the other first daughter, is headed to Washington, DC, but not to see her father.

Instead, Tiffany will be attending Georgetown University’s law school. At just 23-years, Tiffany is the daughter of President Trump and Marla Maples, the second Trump wife, reports the NY Times.

She was accepted into the law class of 2020 says a family representative. As the first daughter graduates from the University of Pennsylvania, she will attend classes in the fall of this year. The law program is one of the highest ranked in the country and is ranked 15th in the list of top law schools, reports CNN.

When asked for a comment, Georgetown Law’s team declined to respond. Orientation is on August 21, and courses start the week after.

Tiffany Trump Keeps a Low Profile

Tiffany Trump has not been in the spotlight as much as her sister Ivanka, and she has been scarce since her father took office in January. She did join her father and stepmother to meet the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday for the Battle of the Coral Sea event. She then visited Washington in April for a Wounded Warriors event at the White House, and she was present for the White House Easter Egg Roll — though scarcely seen on cameras.

Tiffany was raised more by her mother than her father. She lived in Calabasas, California with her mother Marla, and she is still very close to her. She had a normal childhood compared to the other Trump children who resided with their father. Georgetown gives her a chance to be closer to her father and sister since she was a child. She moved to New York after her graduation and just a few months before the election.

Tiffany is the youngest of the Trump children, and she is following in the footsteps of her older brother, Eric, who also graduated from Georgetown University back in 2006. However, he attended for business; not law school.

Tiffany is the first of the Trump children to seek a legal career.

Trump had intentions of visiting several law schools with Tiffany, and she was sighted at Harvard, NYU, and Columbia before it was announced that she would go with Georgetown University, says AOL.

Many prestigious alumni come from Georgetown University, and Tiffany will join them. The chief strategist for the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort, attended the university, as well as chairman of the Clinton campaign, John Podesta. Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer also attended the university.

Tiffany has received scrutiny over the past few years for her absence on the campaign trail and now her minimal appearances in the administration. She has only attended a single White House event, and some say she has difficulty adjusting. However, supporters of the Trump family believe that Tiffany’s rare appearance in public is just part of her character. She focuses on self-improvement and her education and wants to foster relationships with both parents outside of the camera.

Quietly she has been joining the rest of the Trump family at the White House, and she made public congratulations to her older sisters recent book publication.

Following in the Shadow of Ivanka?

Tiffany has often been overshadowed by her older sister, Ivanka Trump. Ivanka also attended business school at Georgetown University, but only for two years before she transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She now serves her father’s administration in the White House.

Just last month, Trump praised Tiffany’s accomplishments by calling her an excellent student and popular person no matter where she goes in the world.