Trump Fights Back: Democrats Engaging in Russia “Witch Hunt”

Trump Fights Back: Democrats Engaging in Russia “Witch Hunt”

As Democrats continue to claim that Trump had a connection to Russia during the presidential campaign, the president has fought back. On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that Democrats are trying to delay the testimony of Carter Page.

Page was expected to be testifying for the Russia probe, but Trump claims Democrats are attempting to silence him now they realize he “blows away their case.” He is also allegedly a former aide of Trump during the campaign.

Trump wrote two tweets after a letter Page wrote to the House Intelligence Committee was made public. In his letter, Page confirmed that he will now no longer be making his testimony to the committee at the beginning of June. The committee has not confirmed his appearance, and there is no information about whether a new date has been set.

In his tweet, Trump said that the Democrats are delaying the case because they realize Page will be making public the misleading testimonies made by John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey.  Trump ended his tweet with the words “Witch hunt!”

In Page’s letter, which was obtained by Fox News, he explained how he is disappointed that he will not be able to address the series of allegations that have been placed on him. The allegations come from leaks relating to the investigation into the potential involvement of the Russians in the last presidential election.

Page is in the spotlight as a result of his trips to Russia, as well as communication between him and officials from Russia. A consultant within the oil industry, Page claims that he has not done anything wrong. In his letter, he said that he hopes it will be possible to continue with the dialogue soon, and that he intends to provide the American people with more information about his case.

During a press briefing on March 20, Sean Spicer put to bed rumors that Page was connected to the campaign, calling him a “hanger on.” Spicer went on to say that Page’s only communication with the presidential campaign was when he received cease-and-desist letters.

Jason Miller, the former director of communications for Trump, echoed this view all the way back in September. He told The Hill that Page was not an adviser to Donald Trump, and had never had any part of the campaign.

Clapper Says “No Smoking Gun”

James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, recently spoke to Chuck Todd on NBC News about the ongoing investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign. During a Sunday “Meet the Press” segment, Clapper confirmed that he did not see any smoking gun, or evidence that suggested there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin during the November election campaign.

When asked about what he knew regarding Jared Kushner and potential contact with the Russians, Clapper did say that his “dashboard warning light was clearly on.” He also explained that, though some of this was already in the public domain, the conversations are still classified information. From a theoretical standpoint, he claimed the intelligence community was at least interested in the claims.

No News Is Not News

Trump’s Twitter outburst appears justified, given that investigations continue despite Clapper’s claim that there is no evidence that Trump had any connection with Russia. The former Director of the CIA, Michael Morrell, also recently told an audience at a Cipher Brief event that there was “no evidence whatsoever” of a connection between Trump and the Kremlin. Morrell said this despite being a staunch support of Clinton during the election.