President Donald Trump Launches Voter Fraud Investigation

Voter fraud investigationPresident Trump plans to sign an executive order creating a commission to investigate voter fraud and suppression in the 2016 Presidential Election. President Trump feels the investigation might reveal how he lost to Hilary Clinton in the popular vote – which was by more than three million, reports the Independent.

Trump feels the popular vote would have been his if illegal voters were not allowed to vote. Trump’s executive order establishes the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Other members of the commission might include Bill Gardner, Matthew Dunlap, Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, and Connie Lawson, says Salon.

Bipartisan Commission Looks at Vulnerabilities

Trump’s new commission has the job of looking for vulnerabilities specific to the electronic and manual voting systems currently in place. After the election, President Trump claimed Mrs. Clinton won three million more than him in popular votes. However, he believes illegal voter registrations caused that drift in popular vote – versus the electoral college vote that gave Trump the win.

The commission’s report comes sometime next year, and the draft language for the executive order has not been released to the press.

Voter Suppression a Big Issue in the Election

Voting rights advocates state that minorities and lower-income Americans experience suppression from voting in the election. Furthermore, voter suppression is likely the reason Trump did not receive the popular vote – because minorities were more likely to vote for Trump than Clinton.

Trump Fulfills Another Campaign Promise

For his campaign, Trump stated numerous promises to the American people: one of which was voter fraud and how he would personally ensure voter fraud and suppression no longer played a factor in elections. Now, he is making good on his campaign promise.

Trump was working toward the investigation, but met several roadblocks with other legislation, says Fortune. Now, he is working to open the investigation and create a bipartisan commission consisting of state officials and industry experts.

The panels will confirm and ensure confidence in the integrity of the American voting systems while assessing the alleged vulnerabilities that could sway elections of the future. Also, preventing meddling from other countries is part of the commission’s tasks.

Trump continually made claims of rigging in the election system during his campaign, and while he won the electoral college, he wants to prove to the American people that the system is easily influenced to favor one candidate in the popular vote.

Some States Elected to Opt Out

Some voting experts and lawmakers say that they will not include their numbers or investigate voter fraud for their state. House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz is one of them. As a Utah Republican, he says that his committee is not considering voter fraud and does not believe fraud occurred.

Evidence of Voters Bused in from Other States

During the election, some evidence indicates that voters were transported from other states to vote in the main Democratic states to push up Clinton’s numbers. Trump should have won New Hampshire had the busing and fraudulent registrations not occurred. New Hampshire alleges that no such events happened.

There is also the issue of non-citizens voting in the US election. Trump’s administration promises to create measures that will prevent non-citizens from voting, including barring immigrants from living in the United States and participating in elections.

More Likely an Issue of Suppression

Most likely, the popular vote comes down to the issue of suppression rather than voter fraud. However, only time will tell what the commission reveals in their investigation.