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Trump Promises a Week of Action after ObamaCare Failure ⋆
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Trump Promises a Week of Action after ObamaCare Failure

Trump's Week of Action after ObamaCare FailureAfter a week of disappointing negotiations on the GOP healthcare initiative, Trump now promises that this week will be full of action and results.

Trump plans to issue several executive orders this week, including one that will permanently take away Obama-era items like the Clean Power Plan.

What Action Could Trump Bring?

Some have lost faith in Trump’s ability to follow through with campaign promises, especially with the roadblocks for the latest healthcare reform. The president did, however, announce that he intended to sign multiple executive orders for the upcoming week that focus on energy, deregulation, and trade. These executive orders will allow him to bypass the issues with Congress.

So far two directives will be signed and complete by the end of business on March 28th, and Trump has also enlisted the help of his son-in-law to deal with political issues in Washington. Jared Kushner is now in charge of a new office known as American Innovation.

Trump Plans to Dismantle Obama Work

The document from the White House is a blueprint that dictates how Trump will dismantle most of what was set up during the Obama administration. Some of the changes will go into effect instantly upon signing, while others might take years to finalize.

Trump is attempting to undo more than a decade of progress, especially regarding climate change and protecting the public’s health. The director of the climate and clean air program is against the changes proposed by the new president, and has said that a radical retreat from the efforts put forth already will meet a wall of opposition.

One of the biggest orders will be that which impacts environment plans. Trump has stated that he would like to formally eliminate the program and return to an energy marketplace that drives down prices and creates more jobs. This executive order will impact the EPA and the Clean Power Plan. It is Trump’s first step of many to dismantle Obama’s work of the past, especially in terms of his climate-change agenda.

Trump Moving Toward Privatization

Those against Trump’s moves have accused him of making a new version of privatization in the country. Mostly Trump is trying to step away from the government budget and cut the deficit by moving expenses toward the private sector. Some see this as a positive, while others agree it is a cynical move. 

There are some positives for privatization. For example, moving the United States Post Office to a private agency could force it to work more efficiency, and it would save taxpayers billions each year that could be spent elsewhere. Already the administration is filled with business executives who are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and use innovations available to them for a more streamlined, cheaper government.

Another Trump campaign promise that is supposed to come up within the next month is his promise to work on combating opioid addictions and improving health care options for veterans.