Trump Sends Message to Media with Warning About Being ‘Rude’

Trump Sends Message to Media with Warning About Being ‘Rude’

Trump and the mediaThe White House is fighting back against offensive comments and allegations made up by the fake media outlets. During an official statement, Press Secretary Sean Spicer made it clear that the administration will fight “tooth and nail” over unfair attacks on President Donald Trump. So far, they have made it clear that they are not opposed to setting an adversarial relationship between president and media.

Trump Slams Media After Conway Interviews

President Donald Trump complained early Monday, March 13th, about the members of the media and how they have treated officials in his administration, specifically targeting the after-effects of the interviews with Conway.

Trump’s tweet did not state any specific references or interactions, but these followed the interviews with Kellyanne Conway and the four networks she interviewed with.

He discussed how rude media is toward his hardworking representative, and that they need to “be nice,” and furthermore stated that the media needs to “do much better!”

White House officials report that the media is using tactics to delegitimize the president. They indicate that the White House will no longer sit and take the attacks. There is also a complaint about the press pool report that said the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office.

The report was corrected by Trump, who called out the reporter by name at the Central Intelligence Agency meeting.

The chief of staff also repeated the accusations that the media has manipulated photographs of the National Mall to show much smaller crowds at the inauguration than were actually present.

Aerial photographs supposedly showed the crowds were smaller than the one in 2009 when Obama was the first black president to be sworn into office.

To prove that the crowds were much larger, the administration released data about subway toll and usage numbers, showing how they increased on the hours just before and after the inauguration.

ABC’s Good Morning America Challenges Staff

In one interview, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos challenged Conway to explain an interview that she had given in New Jersey, where she suggested that the former President used electronics, like computers, televisions, and cellphones, to spy on Trump’s actions inside Trump Tower.

He asked for evidence to support the claims from Conway, and even Conway insisted she was speaking about surveillance in a broad manner and not issuing a true accusation against the former President.

Also, CNN’s program with White House officials and Conway were avoided, because the president told “New Day” that it was not their responsibility to provide evidence of such allegations to the media.

CNN’s host, Chris Cuomo, pushed Conway on the issue and asked why she would raise such claims if it were not her intention to accuse Obama of spying on Trump Tower. He stated that it was an attack on personal integrity and that the world needs to know why they are making allegations and refusing to show proof.

Despite Trump and the White House stating that the media needs to improve their imaging, it is unlikely that media will stop attacking Trump and scrutinizing his moves.