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Trump Plans to Sign a Revised Travel Ban Using Strategic Wording ⋆

Trump Plans to Sign a Revised Travel Ban Using Strategic Wording

Trump Plans to Sign a Revised Travel Ban Using Strategic Wording

Revised Travel BanTrump’s revised executive order that temporarily banned the entry of people from a set list of Middle Eastern and African countries is expected this week.

President Trump has made it clear that he plans to stop the nation’s refugee program, and Monday, March 6, 2017, he intends to sign the revised plan using strategic wording so that it will be more widely accepted.

Per the Washington Post, the administration has been pushing back this signing to work in close collaboration with other agencies to ensure their travel ban can be accomplished and what they need to implement such a strict ban on refugee entry. The new order has been in the works since Trump’s original request was blocked by a federal court.

Trump Hoping to Fulfill Promises

One of the cornerstones of Trump’s campaign was that he would improve border security and bolster national defenses against terrorism. That was the main reason for his historical travel ban, the first executive order Trump’s administration put out.

Trump promised the American people that he would make stronger borders and stop ISIS as well as other terror groups. Therefore, he has held to his promise to protect the country, by revising and implementing a new order despite his first order knockdown.

The first executive order stopped the United States refugee program and banned travel from Muslim-prone countries. Trump has been carefully weighing his options since the federal court banned the original order.

What is in the New Order?

The new order instills additions to the travel ban from Muslim countries, including a temporary stop to all refugee admissions into the United States. The previous executive order required the 120-day prohibition of all refugees other than Syrians. In the original order, all Syrians faced a permanent ban.

The new order has removed the Syrian permanency, but the anonymous source reporting on Trump’s plans did not go into detail as to what the ban stated for Syrian refugees.

Some provisions of the new order have also been replaced, but the president does make it clear that the new version is no less strict because there is still a temporary ban on all refugees.

Other Muslim countries, such as Iran, Yemen, and Libya, will have a 90-day travel ban suspension. The revised order also removes Iraq from the list of countries that would face the 90-day travel ban, after the Pentagon and State Department urged the White House to reconsider an Iraq ban, especially considering Iraq plays a pivotal role in fighting terrorism groups.

Existing visas are likely to be honored in the new deal, and Syrians are no longer singled out in the executive order as they were before. Syrian refugees are not going to be treated like other refugees from Syrian countries.

The new version has strategic language changes that also gave priority to religious minorities. Previous criticism stated that the language used in the original executive order allowed Christians entry to the United States while excluding other religions.