Trump’s Budget Will Include the Border Wall Funds

Trump’s Budget and Border Wall FundsTalk about budget reform and taxes is nothing new for the Trump administration.

However, for those who thought President Trump forgot about his Mexican border wall, think again.

In fact, while Congress works on creating a new budget for the quickly approaching deadline, the White House signals that a controversial Mexican border wall project will halt those plans.

Already, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney states that he has plans to keep Democrats on board with the funding options for the project. However, they must agree to White House priorities, including the down payment required to create the border wall, reports Huffington Post.

President Donald Trump makes it clear that he wants a fence along the border of the United States and Mexico; therefore, it must be part of the massive spending bill Congress creates.

Additional funds must be included in that budget to hire more immigration agents, and Mike Mulvaney states that these are the top priorities coming directly from the president.

Spending Bill to Release Next Week

The new spending bill is supposed to be released next week. Democrats are likely to resist a down payment for the Trump wall, but many feel that they will give in due to the consequences of ignoring the request.

Mulvaney says that the administration is open to new ideas but undecided. One Democratic counter-demand is that the measure for cost-sharing payments to insurance companies be placed into the new care act that the Republicans are scrambling to complete.

Talks about the Mexican border wall as well as tax reform are indeed in a rough patch – though this is nothing new for budget negotiations. Trump’s administration now approaches the famous 100-day mark, but the GOP allies in Congress are not exactly boasting of Trump’s success.

Regardless of the Republican hold on the majority, Democratic votes are required to pass any spending bill. Therefore, Democrats would need to drop their provisions or find common ground with Republicans.

GOP leaders are quickly working to stop yet another threat of government shutdowns. However, they are moving slowly toward solutions. They might enact another temporary spending bill, which avoids shutdown, but both sides must agree to temporary expenditures.

What Is the White House Willing to Trade?

The big question is what the White House is ready to give up receiving funds for their Mexican border wall. They want funding, but the estimates are astronomical – with some coming in around $15 billion.

The Trump administration has already issued a $30 billion request for the military. However, in order to get Democrats to agree to the outrageous costs of this projected wall, Republicans might need to up subsidy spending for low-income Americans so that they remain insured under the ACA.

Despite the numerous setbacks, the Trump administration powers ahead. They plan to push their demands for wall funding, and surprisingly the wall talk had not come up until recently. However, Trump is also pushing for a massive spending bill – which some critics say is a risky move.