Trump’s Secret Law Gives Anti-Abortion Activists the Green Light

Trump’s Secret Law Gives Anti-Abortion Activists the Green Light

Anti-abortion and Trump's secret lawPresident Trump, a man notorious for bragging about his actions and making sure he is on camera, did something no one expected: he secretly signed a bill.

This bill scores Trump big points with anti-abortion activists and groups. The bill allows states to opt in for a withholding of federal funds from their state-based Planned Parenthood as well as other facilities offering abortions.

Anti-Abortion Groups Get the Go Sign

In the states, the bill has put advocates on a roll, and now states are working on restrictive abortion laws that will allow them to stop funding for abortion centers. Washington favors conservatism, so anti-abortion advocates are enjoying the fact that legal abortion might become something of the past.

Currently, 17 states ban abortion after the 20-week mark. Abortion groups feel that a fetus still senses pain before that point, however. Therefore, the 2017 legislative session saw five more states pass abortion restrictions, and 28 introduced banning some or all form of abortion in their boundaries.

Arkansas, for example, passed anti-abortion laws, including one that requires doctors to investigate a woman’s history of pregnancies to ensure she is not getting one based on gender selection. Furthermore, the husband can sue his wife and stop her from receiving a second-trimester abortion. The state also banned abortion procedures during the second-trimester.

Arizona’s new law requires that doctors resuscitate a fetus if it is born alive during the abortion.

Kentucky became the 17th state to ban abortions after the 20th week. Doctors are required to do an ultrasound on any woman seeking an abortion, and funds were taken away from Planned Parenthood in the state.

Wyoming is another state jumping on board, and while it was 30 years since their last act, they recently made a law that requires doctors to offer a woman an ultrasound and a chance to listen to her child’s heartbeat during abortion counseling.

Utah requires abortion doctors to counsel women about the procedure.

U.S. Not the Only Country Moving Away from Abortion

There are other countries that are restricting abortions. French President Francois Hollande also signed a measure that prohibits anyone from posting alternatives to abortion, and violations come with a fine. Some French officials, however, are pro-choice.

The Limitations of Title X

Title X is the federal funding program that helps Planned Parenthood help low-income family members. While many feel that Planned Parenthood should not receive federal funding, scrutiny has arisen due to the extra services offered by Planned Parenthood.

These facilities, after all, do not only offer abortions. Many provide low-income families’ pap smears, STD testing, contraceptives, and breast examinations for little to no cost.

With the Title X funding hanging in the balance, many of these services will also be removed from Planned Parenthood, and these facilities might turn to private funding or close their facilities altogether if they cannot afford to keep their doors open.

To some, however, Planned Parenthood shutting down would be considered a “win” for the move toward zero abortions.