U.S. Strikes Syrian Military Airfield in Retaliation for Chemical Attack

U.S. Strikes Syrian Military Airfield in Retaliation for Chemical Attack

On Thursday, the United States military launched 59 cruise missiles. Their target was a Syrian military airfield. This attack marked the first time the Unite States government directly attacked President Bashar al-Assad’s government, since the beginning of the civil war, about six years ago. The Trump administration reportedly authorized the entire operation as a retaliation for the chemical attacks from last week. Because of the chemicals, lots of innocent people lost their lives in a battle that it is not theirs. This attack also expands the United States’ involvement in the Syrian conflict. Moreover, it puts the country in a delicate position as both Russia and Iran are supporting Assad.

Retaliation for the chemical attack

According to what United States president Donald Trump said, this attack represented the nation’s “vital security interest”. The president also encouraged each nation to work together to end the bloodbath happening now in Syria. Also, to unite against terrorism of all kinds. Trump also said that the world prays for the souls of those who suffer there, and for those who are no longer with us. He swore that America will always seek justice and truth, and that while it does it, maybe, in the end, we will have peace.

Two Navy destroyers launched the missiles, in the eastern Mediterranean. The airbase they struck was called Shayrat, and it was located in the Homs province. This is actually the place where experts believe that the planes which carried the chemical attack from Idlib originated from. According to the military, this attack seriously damaged many Syrian aircrafts and very needed weaponry which the country had in that airbase.

The Syrian side

Meanwhile, the Syrian state TV announced that the United States attack also hit some military targets which were inside the country. They reportedly saw this attack as “aggression”. According to some officials, the Russian forces there received a warning before the attack hit the airbase. At the moment, there are hundreds of American troops in Syria. They are reportedly offering advices to the local forces, before a big assault on the city of Raqqa. Raqqa is the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic States, the heart of terrorism. Now, those troops might be in an even greater danger there.

Image source: fox-news