Uber and GM Partner to Offer Car Rental Service

Uber and GM Partner to Offer Car Rental Service

Uber and GM are going to work together on a pilot program that is going to give easier access to cars. The program is going to give Uber drivers the possibility to rent a car. Uber is introducing a new partner to its drivers and it’s General Motors. The fact that General Motors is a major investor in Lyft, a rival company for getting rides, didn’t seem to stand in Uber’s way. General Motors is going to be the new short-term car leasing partner for Uber drivers. The partnership is going to make it easier for Uber drivers that are not car owners to get access to a vehicle and make use of it for a limited amount of time.

Uber Drivers Will Be Able to Rent Cars for the Week

The pilot program is going to start out in San Francisco first. Partnering in the program are Uber and the car-sharing division from General Motors. The GM car-sharing division is just ten months old. But it is ready to take on a challenging project, according to the announcement made this Tuesday. Uber drivers are going to be able to rent cars by the week. Renting a car would give you access to it for an entire week for either work or personal use. Uber and GM are rolling out the project as a 90 day test first. So far, the weekly cost of renting a car would be $179 dollars per week. To that you have to add taxes and fees. But for $179 you get unlimited miles as well as insurance.

Uber drivers are going to have several GM cars to choose from. The options are the Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu and Trax.

This isn’t the first time that Uber offers a car rental option to its drivers. Since 2013, Uber has offered a range of leasing programs and rental programs. During the last year, Uber partnered with Enterprise as well as Hertz to provide short-term car rentals.

Another Project for General Motors’ Maven Program

For General Motors, car sharing is a new venture. This January, the company debuted Maven, a car sharing program. It was the answer that General Motors came up with as an alternative to car ownership. Car sharing is going to be part of our future. Since new generations don’t seem that interested to own a car anymore. The status symbol that was the personal vehicle has been replaced by other cultural artifacts. Young people seem to want a car only when they need it. They tend to not want to bother with car ownership. General Motors has tried to adapt to the new demands of the market. And Maven was its response.

Maven has various programs. They include car rentals for urban residents. Also, Maven offers peer-to-peer car-sharing. The General Motors program is available in ten different cities in the United States. A recent statement from the company says that Maven customers have driven over 23 million miles in General Motors vehicles.

General Motors also provides cars for the Express Drive program that Lyft has. It is another car rental program, similar to the partnership with Uber.

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