UFO Floating Over Las Vegas

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Was a UFO floating over Las Vegas? More like a peculiar object sending out beams of mysterious lights in the sky.

Was a UFO floating over Las Vegas? More like a peculiar object sending out beams of mysterious lights in the sky, over some neighborhoods in Las Vegas. The strange object was giving off sparks like it was burning in the sky.

The lights appeared at 9:35 local time. Hundreds of people were witnesses to the event and called in to inform about the unusual object.

These lights were seen by resident across Las Vegas, Northern California, Phoenix, Salt Lake City or Idaho.

A lot of the witnesses went on social media and created a buzz, putting out their wildest UFO theories.

While many believed it was some kind of space junk burning in the sky, authorities pinned it down – it was the debris from a Chinese rocket, named Chang Zhang 7. This part of the rocket could have ignited while re-entering the Earth’s magnetic field.

Others believed that part of a space station broke and somehow fell into the atmosphere,

Onlookers suspected it was a meteor breaking up into the atmosphere. But there are always those who say the UFO was something alien.

People who saw the flares in the sky first-hand, took out their cameras and posted their videos on YouTube. One of the clearer videos was put together by a California resident, near the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

The famous UFO investigator George Knapp also had something to say. He believes the army is very afraid that people might associate these objects as a genuine UFO, that they always give the same old explanation. They use easier, safe words like “meteor” or “rocket”. He also believes that the Pentagon knows about every “nut and bolt” which flies across the States.

He goes on to wonder how a huge object went unnoticed. Knapp was very upset that the Nellis Air Force Base called the UFO a meteor.

The tail in the sky impressed everyone with its fireball-like bright lights and size. Some say they heard a boom far away, as the object crossed the line of the horizon.

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Image Source – Pixabay