United States Military Conducts First Ever Air Assault in Syria

United States Military Conducts First Ever Air Assault in Syria

US assault in SyriaThe United States has engaged in their first air strike in Syria, where they targeted Islamic State-held areas of Raqqa, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Syrian activists now say that more than a dozen people have been killed or missing after the air strike.

Raqqa city is being overrun, and more than 50 families were sheltered in a school north of Mansoura just hours before the air strike. Mansoura is 16 miles west of Raqqa.

Already 33 bodies have been pulled from the rubble. While the United States was there conducting an air strike, it was not clear which country was responsible for the deaths at the school site.

It is suspected that a United States coalition member hit the school in Syria, but the United States is investigating who struck the school.

This attack comes after another United States strike, which was conducted on a mosque compound. 52 people were killed. The incident has already triggered fears across the globe that the White House is offering more flexibility on ordering air strikes, especially with the use of drones.

Activists in Syria stated that the school attack was in the same area where the U.S.-backed Kurdish forces were conducting an operation early that day to help separate Tabqa from ISIS.

The United States Conducts Assault Outside Raqqa

Using American military helicopters and Apache gunships, the United States-backed Syrian Arab forces conducted an air assault just outside  Raqqa. The forces were accompanied by United States special operations advisors.

The operation was conducted in Tabqa, an area where several hundred ISIS fighters currently control the area’s dam. One of the goals for the air assault was to take back control of that dam from ISIS militants. They expect the operation will take several weeks to complete.

In addition, a Marine artillery unit attacked from the ground and offered support for the air assault.

Trump Promises to Ease Restrictions

Trump now promises to lift the restrictions on when and how United States drones are used in war. He also offers tougher, more targeted approaches to drone warfare when it comes to ISIS. United States troops have already started an offensive west of Raqqa, and there is no telling if more drones will join the strike.

However, fears are growing that the United States will use these limited restrictions for attacks in Iraq and Syria. If Trump’s plan is approved, that means the Pentagon could pass attacks with a drone without consulting the president first, and all they need for clearance is near certainty that there would be no civilian deaths. The near certainty requirement will also be relaxed,\ and have looser interpretations. This means that innocent civilians could be present at the time of a drone attack.

For now, the United States does vow to investigate the school attack and see who was behind the bombing. Also, the are looking to see if the victims were ISIS fighters or innocent families.