Unravel Spins a Magical Story with Captivating Visuals

Unravel spins a magical story with captivating visuals which is sure to bewitch players.

The new video game Unravel spins a magical story with captivating visuals, managing to achieve an extraordinary balance between gaming, storytelling and illusions. At the same time, it falls into the puzzle game category.

There are some people that are not fond of puzzles and tend to skip those whenever they can. If they can’t, they look for the answers online in order to pass more quickly past the mind-bending moments. Even though Unravel is a puzzle game, its games are not set to annoy you while you try to put the pieces together and find the answer. On the contrary, Unravel’s purpose is to present you with relaxing puzzles that tie together into the narrative.

The stunning graphics can be observed across the whole game, from the facial features of the old lady at the beginning to the intricate particle effects present during the whole story. The changes that occur in the environment and lightning are done in subtle yet impressive ways, and the water’s reflections make you question whether you are watching a movie or digitally created content.

In this visually compelling context you cannot help but feel the thrill of adventure as you follow the story of Yarny, who is incidentally made of yarn. Yarny sets out on an adventure beyond the boundaries of his house through bright and mystical landscapes.

Another aspect that makes Unravel different from most puzzle games is that is relies on a narrative, thus making the player attached to both the story and the characters. You get to know the family of Yarny, but also his creator through photographs and ghostly images that appear every now and then in the background.

The puzzles themselves are not very difficult and do not require walkthroughs. Basically, the player needs to figure out how to get out of some situations and continue exploring the surroundings. An important feature is the string of yarn that is bound to Yarny and follows him around. You can use it in many creative ways but must also pay attention as to not waste too much of it.

Developed by Coldwood Interactive and published by Electronic Arts, the video game is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Unravel spins a magical story with captivating visuals that prompts the player to come up with creative ideas and solve the puzzles. Even if you are among the people who prefer to check a walkthrough and be done with them quickly, this time you will be compelled to experience every last bit of this video game.

Image Source: co.create