Veterinary Clinic from Dublin Hires Professional Cat Cuddler

Veterinary Clinic from Dublin Hires Professional Cat Cuddler

A veterinary clinic from Dublin, Ireland, is offering the dream job all cat lovers have always wished for. The Just Cats Veterinary Clinic is looking for a person who loves these adorable creatures and is willing to cuddle them all day.

The veterinary office has just launched this job offer, which will probably bring them dozens of candidates. They presented their ideal candidate as a “crazy cat person” who has the necessary “cattitude” to cope with this job. This has surely attracted the attention of thousands of cat lovers who are probably trying to apply for this position as we speak.

The ideal candidate must know how to make kitties calm

Before applying, pay attention. The clinic is specialized for cats, so dog enthusiasts need not apply. However, if your hands are gentle enough to stroke tiny balls of fur for hours, and you can cope with a cat’s selfish personality, do not hesitate to send them your résumé.

If you have ever interacted with stray cats and approached them successfully, you are perfect for the job. Also, a soft voice is a big plus. The veterinarians need a person who can soothe a nervous cat and help her relax, and who can also tell how a cat is feeling just by listening to the different types of purrs she produces.

The clinic asks for a special certification

However, there is one thing that might bring some applicants down. The clinic requires a special qualification issued by the veterinary council of Ireland. Therefore, you need to be a certified cat expert to apply for this dream job.

When the clinic posted the job offer on Facebook, they were overwhelmed by a huge number of cat enthusiasts who declared their eternal love for the furry animals. However, some of them were too far away to apply, or others lacked the necessary qualification. Nevertheless, the veterinary office will surely find a suitable applicant in no time.
Image Source: Pixabay