Video Views Added on Instagram

The video views added on Instagram will be beneficial for advertisers.

Video views added on Instagram will surely give users a better idea of how many people are following their posts. However, the new feature will also show them the exact persons that viewed their content, but only when it comes to videos.

Since Facebook seems set on focusing on video content, the same goes for its Instagram. The major company has acquired the smaller photo platform for $1 billion back in 2012. The purpose of the newest change seems to be, as usual, the increase of profit, since Instagram surely can be named an advertising business. Only yesterday Facebook announced that video ads will now feature captions, because when they play on the newsfeed without the sound on they do not attract the desired number of viewers.

Last week Instagram has extended the maximum length of video ads to one full minute. The duration was initially of only fifteen seconds when these were first launched in 2013. Well, the next update will introduce video views which are meant to show not only how many people have watched the video, but also who they are.

People are starting to make videos more often than before, as we have witnessed the success of Twitter’s Vine, so it only seems natural that other rival social media platforms like Instagram are trying to keep up the pace. The views on Instagram will be counted only if the video has been viewed for at least 3 seconds. Therefore, if you only scroll past the video that appears on your feed, it will not count for the poster of the video.

The view count feature will replace the number of likes that is usually displayed in the bottom left corner of a post. Users will only need to tap the view count in order to access a list of all people who have watched the video.

The company hopes the changes will determine more users and advertisers to create video content for the platform, in order for Instagram to become considered a video-sharing app along with its current title of picture-sharing app. The social media platform has already released two other apps named Boomerang and Hyperlapse that are meant to help them easily create video content.

Taking into account that Instagram is one of the most popular mobile ad platforms with over 400 million users that are active, it is understandable why its video views have increased with over 40% over the last six months. The video views added on Instagram are one of the first steps of making users accustomed to seeing the moving pictures more frequently, thus making the company able to easily sell video ads.

Image Source: ZU TV