Virtual Reality Is Too Disturbing for GTA V

Virtual reality is too disturbing for GTA V, as a modder has shown in a video.

It seems some things are meant not to be experienced, as virtual reality is too disturbing for GTA V. VR has gained huge popularity over the past months and several new headsets will be released this year to provide a better experience for the players.

Developer and game mod creator Joseph Delgado has been experimenting with both hand-tracking technologies and virtual reality that would completely immerse players in video games. However, when talking about GTA V, the effect might not be as pleasant as previously thought.

It appears that such a level of VR makes the player feel extremely guilty about his or her actions in game. Delgado wrote on Tumblr where he posted a video about his experiment that he felt horrible when he killed the first person in the GTA: V VR setup. The whole scene posted by him shows how close to reality and uncomfortable the setup is.

Delgado stated that guilt is an interesting topic related to virtual reality that needs to be further studied. He also expects VR to generate more emotions than other devices were able to do in the past, since you are literally in the shoes of the character you are playing:

“First-person shooters bring you close to the violence, but having to laboriously move your hand down to shoot someone on the floor, physically walk to them, pull the trigger, and hear all the noises that come with it… It’s definitely a much more visceral experience.”

However, virtual reality has its own good parts too. Its involvement in games like GTA V has been long discussed in the past, since it has an open world with numerous possibilities and outcomes. However, since GTA V gives so much liberty the issue arises if the player chooses to become devious. Everyone who had a chance to play this game has tried attacking people on the streets just to see what would happen.

By creating this mod, Delgado wanted to implement the basic hand tracking in the video game. In order to so he used the peripheral named Razer Hydra which permitted him to add hand-tracking and gesture controls to GTA V. He managed to achieve all this in just two days, so it is certain that he will have a major contribution to future virtual reality.

Even though virtual reality is too disturbing for GTA V, this does not mean it cannot be thrilling as well. Maybe implementing it in such video games will determine players to choose a moral path instead of breaking the law with every chance they get.

Image Source: OverMental