Vladimir Putin Talks about the US Election

Vladimir Putin Talks about the US Election

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a press conference this Thursday in Sochi. Putin talked about the presidential election in the United States. Also, the president spoke about Russia’s standing in the world and current relations with the United States and European countries.

Talking about the presidential race in the United States, Vladimir Putin reiterated that Russia does not have a preference. In a previous interview, the Russian president had said that the Kremlin does not have a favorite between the two nominees. But then proceeded to praise the Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump. Similarly, this Thursday, Vladimir Putin had nice things to say about Trump.

Vladimir Putin Has Kind Words for Donald J. Trump

Russia received accusations of interfering with the presidential election in the United States. But the Russian President insists that the Kremlin is ready to work with whoever the next president is going to be. Whether that’s Hillary Clinton or Donald J. Trump.

However, when it comes to the Republican candidate, Putin has words of praise. He says that Trump stands with average people who don’t want to see political power go from one administration to the next as if by inheritance. He admits that Trump has an extravagant style, but believes that the Republican candidate best represents the interests of “simple people who criticize those who have been in power for decades”.

The Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton has said that Russia has supported Donald J. Trump throughout the campaign. Clinton referenced several intelligence agencies that accused Russia of conducting cyber-attacks against the United States. The Democratic candidate alleged that the emails from the servers of the Democrat National Committee were hacked and leaked by Russia. Implying that the email scandal was going to help Trump win the election.

The Republican nominee, on the other hand, has had kind words for Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a strong leader. He has said that the first official meeting he would have as President of the United States would be with Putin. Donald J. Trump’s pro-Russia attitude has upset many, at a time when relations between the two powers are deteriorating. Things went as far as current President Barrack Obama accusing Trump of having “a bromance” with Putin during a campaign rally. Hillary Clinton, during the third presidential debate, said Donald J. Trump would be Russia’s “puppet” as President of the United States.

Vladimir Putin Dismisses any Interference

The Russian President Vladimir Putin says that any interference by Russia in the US election is pure fabrication. He stated that the so-called support for Donald J. Trump was invented by the Western media. In his opinion, Russia is being used to achieve political ends in the United States, as part of a “political battle, an attempt to manipulate public opinion on the eve of elections”. Putin was dismissive of any possible outside interference with the electoral process in the United States.

“Does anybody seriously think that Russia could somehow influence the choice of the American people?”

Said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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