Whoopi Goldberg Announces Fun, Strange Christmas Sweater Line

Whoopi Goldberg Announces Fun, Strange Christmas Sweater Line

Whoopi Goldberg can now add fashion designer to her long list of dynamic roles.

Besides working as a comedian, actress, talk show host and more, Goldberg designed a line of Christmas sweaters in time for the holiday season. The collection goes on sale on November 1 for Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay.

In recent years, “ugly” Christmas sweaters skyrocketed in popularity. Many people celebrate the holidays by wearing these campy sweaters to parties, bringing fun to the celebration by wearing bright colors and vivid, goofy designs of Christmas trees, Santa Claus and twinkling lights. Often these sweaters are from decades past, passed down among family members, but now designers and stores are designing and stocking them.

But don’t call Goldberg’s sweater line ugly just yet.

In a statement for People, Goldberg said, “Mine don’t fall into the category of ‘ugly.’ They’re just fun. They’re different.” As a designer, she wanted only to offer something festive for the holidays that could be worn throughout the season, not simply for an “ugly sweater” party.

Part of what makes Goldberg’s collection more than “ugly sweaters” is the meaning she carefully constructed for each sweater in the design process. One sweater compares a small, spare Christmas tree on the front of the sweater, such as the one present in A Charlie Brown Christmas, with a lush, gorgeous tree on the back. Goldberg explains that the back tree is “how the tree sees itself,” complete with lights that actually light up.

The design process was easy for Goldberg, as she simply tapped into the fun, offbeat ideas in her head. The odd sweater designs mimic the odd ideas she experiments with creatively on a daily basis. She said she thinks of designs and only must consider whether a design will be fun to wear to decide if it’ll work.

In addition to Christmas sweaters, Goldberg’s collection includes a Hanukkah design, an octopus acting as a menorah. She commented in an interview with Vogue that “there will be a Kwanzaa sweater next year, a Ramadan sweater. … the holidays, regardless of what you believe, should be a day, a week, a month of let’s all be together. Silly sweaters can unite us and what is better than that?”

The sweaters are designed for adults, both men and women, but Goldberg already wants to expand the collection to sweaters for children next year as well. Currently, the line contains 11 designs that retail for $139 each.

Goldberg plans to wear each of her designs throughout December during episodes hosting The View. By displaying the designs, viewers will notice the sweaters have taken the “ugly sweater” craze and turned it into something productive and positive.

Goldberg emphasizes the sweaters were designed to communicate holiday themes including love, family, acceptance, and fun. She wants to use them to bring others together and hearkens back to her childhood holiday experiences as inspiration. Goldberg affirmed that the holidays have always been important to her, and she continues to honor them in her adult life.

As the holidays near, Goldberg promotes her new sweater line and hopes to bring a new level of fun to every celebration, encouraging families and friends to come together in love.