Will More Diversity Do the Trick for Intel?

As the company is trying to solve some of its issues, will more diversity do the trick for Intel?

Almost one year has passed since the beginning of the new hiring plan of the Intel corporation, which is set to attain its goal over the next four years. The reports look promising, but it seems the company is not able to retain many African American employees. In these conditions, will more diversity do the trick for Intel?

The company recently released its latest report on the matter, that has shown 24.8% of the total of 53,000 people who work for the corporation are women. Comparing it to the previous year, we can notice an increase of 1.3%. In more details, the leaderships ranks include 17.6% women and the technical staff 20%.

Intel has taken the decision to hire more diverse workers after facing a controversy last year regarding its U.S. workforce: it seems most the employees are white or Asian men. As a result, the plan for achieving full representation of minorities was launched with an investment of about $300 million. The company plans to solve this problem by 2020.

A huge step was taken during last summer, when Intel granted bonuses of $4,000 to those who could suggest more diverse candidates for the company’s jobs. The project seems to have started quite well. After reducing the gender employment gap, the company stated that the gender pay gap is also smaller than before. According to the chief diversity officer of Intel, Danielle Brown, the gender compensation gap in the United States is practically nonexistent at the moment.

Furthermore, Intel plans to investigate whether there is a pay gap between minorities as well. At the moment, 12.4% of the employees are minority workers, with Latino or African American origins. However, as Brown has stated, in spite of the process of hiring that goes well, African Americans still have issues with retention. An analysis is currently going on in order to determine the root of the problem.

Others are also taking measures to close the pay gap between genders. Only last week President Barack Obama has asked employers and companies to make public the salaries of both men and women employees. The Commission for Equal Employment Opportunity will gather and analyze all the data from companies with more than one hundred workers.

Although many are taking steps towards more tolerance, will more diversity do the trick for Intel? This remains to be seen in the near future, but the company seems determined in its endeavor as it has already spent $52.4 million in this respect last year.

Image Source: bgr.com