Women’s Heart Health Is Celebrated in Red

This month, women’s heart health is celebrated in red.

This February, women’s heart health is celebrated in red in order to raise awareness for heart problems. Recent studies have proven that women are more prone to these issues than men, and thus the “Go Red for Women” campaign has been launched.

Every year, one in three women dies of various heart diseases or stroke in the United States. If this does not sound worrying enough, you can think it is the equivalent of a woman dying each eighty seconds from heart problems that could have been avoided in good time.

From the total of almost 44 million American women that have cardiovascular diseases, only 1 in 5 of them is aware of the deadly risk those issues pose. Because they take the health issues lightly and do not pursue appropriate treatment, some of them end up dying without even knowing it. Unfortunately, there are other deadly diseases that tend to scare us like cancer, since this one is much more painful and visible.

However, the subtle cardiovascular diseases must not be neglected since they can lead to the same end. If we take a look at the charts, each year heart diseases kill more women than all types of cancer put together.

Fortunately, treatment for heart diseases is much easier than the one for cancer. Even more, such diseases can be avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet. On the other side, there are quite a few factors that add towards developing heart problems, such as obesity, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking and genetics.

Women also have to pay attention to all kinds of symptoms that might lead to heart attacks. Those include chest pains, which could also manifest like a pressure on the chest, the sudden cold sensation of the chest and arms, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, pain going from the chest through the right arm and reaching the fingers of the hand and pain in the jaw, neck or shoulder.

However, some victims of heart attacks never experienced any of the symptoms listed above. The ones that survived reported that they had anything from symptoms of the flu and back pains to feelings of anxiety, dread or doom.

As women’s heart health is celebrated in red, we should all pay more attention to both our habits and anything that might seem amiss with our health.

Image Source: kink.fm