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Patriot Profile: The Infamous, Influential Political Online Community Known as The_Donald ⋆

Patriot Profile: The Infamous, Influential Political Online Community Known as The_Donald

Patriot Profile: The Infamous, Influential Political Online Community Known as The_Donald

While not an individual, the anonymous members of The_Donald group on Reddit warrant their own “Patriot Profile” for their tremendous impact on politics and culture.

Reddit, an online community designed initially for sharing news links, is organized into subgroups called simply “subs” that are managed by independent moderators. The_Donald sub was started during the election to help support the Trump campaign. The grassroots effort has generated more than 450,000 subscribers, with The_Donald being one of the most active (and despised) political subs on Reddit.

Media outlets that claim that The_Donald is filled with haters, racists, and white supremacists have missed out on the joke. While members of The_Donald often like trolling and triggering “Social Justice Warriors” (SJWs), they consider themselves to be a diverse, warm, and welcoming group.

A warning, though: They are politically incorrect and can be purposefully offensive (part of that effort to “trigger” people).

Members of The_Donald have developed their own special slang while communicating with one another, which can be confusing to a “newbie.” Some of the memes have also been cross-pollinated from the even more infamous (and far more offensive) “/pol/” board on 4chan.

To fully “get” The_Donald, one must understand the lingo. Here is a guide to some of the most common terms, phrases, and memes:

Centipede (pede for short): Community members are called “pedes” after a series of pro-Trump YouTube videos called “You Can’t Stump the Trump” used the narrative of a nature video about centipedes as the intro.

Nimble navigator: This is inspired by the same videos, in which “The centipede is a nimble navigator” is part of the narration. “Nimble navigator” is often used to describe President Trump’s ability to manage challenges.

MAGA: MAGA, of course, means “Make American Great Again.”

Pepe the Frog: Pepe is a sad looking frog that shows up in memes, often in ironic situations. Erroneously labeled as a symbol of white supremacy by the Hillary Clinton campaign, Pepe was “killed off” by his creator (who now plans to resurrect him), but the members of The_Donald say “he lives!”

Kek: Kek (which derives from lol) is an imaginary deity that frequently receives praise on The_Donald. Some believe (jokingly) he is a manifestation of Pepe. A common phrase is “Praise Kek!”

Kekistan: An imaginary state filled with “pedes” and patriots, Kekistan has its own green, black, and white flag, which is available to The_Donald users as “flair” that can be added to usernames.

Shadilay: The name of a song by an obscure ‘80s band called P.E.P.E., “Shadilay” is used as an exclamation of joy or satisfaction. It can also be used in a similar manner to “amen.”

Meme magic: This is the idea that internet memes can be used to influence reality. The_Donald perhaps “memed” President Trump into the White House using “meme magic.”

Red pill: A reference to the movie The Matrix, “red pilling” means waking people up from the mainstream media narrative.

Drinking salty tears: This reference to crying makes fun of liberals who are upset by Trump being president. Example: “I just love drinking those salty tears.”

“We are living in the best timeline”: In an oblique reference to the “Mandela Effect,” a theory that people have experienced different timelines or parallel universes, members of The_Donald often talk about being in the “best timeline” since Trump won the election.

“You’re a [expletive] white male!”: Often used when a minority or a woman shares their story (often with a photo) about being a Trump supporter. The phrase references a common stereotype that only white males support Donald Trump.

“I sexually identify as an apache attack helicopter.” This “copypasta” is not limited to just The_Donald but is often used on /pol/. Making fun of gender politics, the phrase is part of a larger paragraph that is best heard in the reading by YouTube sensation Big Man Tyrone. Despite some disagreements over LGBT politics on The_Donald, the group has quite a few active gay, lesbian, and transgender members who use rainbow “flair” imprinted with the word MAGA next to their usernames.

“We’ve got the best [insert description] here, don’t we, folks?” A play off a Trump saying, this is often used to compliment people on their comments. It’s often combined with jabs at PC language. Example: “We’ve got the best banjo-playing female mud wrestlers, don’t we, folks?”